Saturday, June 27, 2009

It's Hotter Than a Pregnant Mouse in a Wool Sock Down Here

It IS.

Good Lord - 105+ for like 6 days in a row down here. It's so hot people can't think. I'm one of the people.

I can't think. If you've seen Shaun of the Dead, you know what it's like here.

Send help.

In the meantime, the show must go on! After all, it's....
And before my card and my good news, I must share a Caturday goodie with you.

Just For Pets, which is a wonderful pet store here in Austin specializing in natural, American and raw food for pets, had turned me on to Bonito Flakes for the kitties. Strange that they are eating something that comes on very expensive sushi, but I love those little beasts, so, whatever. Maddie loves them. Splotch can't figure out how to eat them because they're so wispy, but he wants to.

One thing you learn about kittens that were taken from their moms too early is that there are things they never learn cuz their mom couldn't teach them. Eating and drinking are learned behaviors apparently, and these two can't quite manage like normal kitties.

Anyway, I went into the shop to drop off a gift to thank the owners for sending out a recall notice on some cat food and I found Grandma Lucy's Freeze Dried Mahi Mahi. MMM - the kitties LOVE it!! I highly recommend it! It's American, all natural, dried fish.

Next - speaking of good things - Bernie Berlin, of A Place to Bark - is in the running for a TV show about her amazing animal rescue. She's been in California this week trying to seal the deal, and protesting puppy mills. This woman has a heart as big as Texas. If you want to FEEL the impact of all the little souls she's saved, then please watch this video. I dare you not to cry, and/or fall in love with this sweet girl. And then,
if you haven't already, please buy one of our stamps to help her with her kitty shelter. 100% of the proceeds go to her efforts.

Here's my latest creation with my own stamp design - the sassy Maddie stamp, which is one of the ones that benefits A Place to Bark. I thought of this design on my walk, during a pause. There's a Darden Smith song that brought it to mind. But that's a story for another day... The Maddie's are the new Soft Suede ink from SU - and the pink is the new Melon Mambo. I just got my catalogs for my customers - yay!! The circle was cut with my Stampin' Up! Sizzix clear die. The dots are a rubon, as is the greeting. I used the brown ones that com in some of the SU! sets. The ribbon is the new Melon Mambo polka dot ribbon and the paper is Razzleberry Lemonade DSP from the new catty. The card base is Soft Suede.

And finally, I got a nice surprise yesterday when I stopped at the mailbox - I was published in the most recent Just Cards magazine!!

I'm on Page 54, and I'm really excited that it was one of the cards that I did on my TV show. It's Stampin' Up! supplies with a Martha Stewart punch.
Really fun card.
I hope you guys are having a great Caturday!

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  1. I did it, I did it! I didn't cry when I watched the video. My three adopted fur kids thank you for bringing attention to rescues. Great Maddie card. Love the design and the color combo! Congrats on the recent publication too.

  2. YOU ROCK!!!! LOVE the Maddie card! What's funny is when I first saw it I didn't see the Maddie's....I saw a peppermint! hehe

  3. personally having a dogerday here in BC....can I send you some rain?
    Congrats on being published! YEAH!!!
    Video makes me want to run ot the local shelter and get a another puppy dog..but I didn't :-( Cara is happy as a spoiled and only child :-)

  4. We had an insanely hot day a few months ago - it was 46 degrees (celcius that is) so it was way hotter than 105. For a day, that is. I tried to fry and egg in the garden. No luck. There's a photo somewhere on my blog ... Then I slept on the floor of the craft room.

    But now it's so cold we have to wear scarves and hats. Think I'll make baked potatoes for dinner. Mmm. Southern hemisphere, I love it.

    Love the cupcake punch, and the cat stamp!

  5. Congrats on the card being published.

    I totally know what you mean about the heat.

    Someone told me at work yesterday that we're expecting a cold front and that it will be 90 degrees. Woo hoo!

    love your Maddie card.


  6. LOVE the Maddie card!

    Video? Not gonna watch it. I KNOW I would cry and have bad dreams. I send money - it's my way to help. I am pathetic.

    105 is why I choose not to live in TX! :-)

  7. Hi Lydia,

    Thanks for sharing the fun cards and the great video. No tears just lots and lots of smiles. Those little guys look so happy to be in a good place. Given the layout, the animals and most of all
    Bernie herself if the powers that be have any sense at all they will give her a show! Now that's a reality show I would watch!

    I can relate to your heat woes. When I lived in Deming New Mexico eon's ago we regularly got up to 115 in the shade and my Mom's house only had a swamp cooler and no air conditioning. Now I'm such a baby that I whine anytime it goes over 80! The cats are even bigger babies - they want the windows open so they can smell all the fun outside happenings but they scream bloody murder if the house heats up above 75! They don't seem to get the connection between heat coming in and open windows :D.

    Sushi cats huh? Sounds like fun. My vet used to have cool teeth cleaning treats that were made with that flaky stuff. The cats went wild when they saw the box come out of the cupboard! Maybe you can find some of those for Splotchy to eat!

    Happy Catuday (ours here always spills over into Sunday :D).

    Hugs and blessings - Jean

  8. Lydia,

    Sorry about the typos on my other comment, I am so out of practice. Being unemployed turns the brain to mush.

    I so love that Maddie card, too cute to put their faces in a circle. Why didn't I think of that?

    Now I know what "brutally hot" means. Wow, 105 degrees for a week! I can't believe that, how the heck do people live near the equator? Well, stay cool somehow.

    Love ya, Lisa A.

  9. I have you beat. It is 107 in town. Now, that can be hotter than hades on a summer night. Talk about some global warming!

  10. Lydia, CONGRATULATIONS on your card being published! What a GREAT design! So excited for you!


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