Saturday, June 6, 2009

A Wrinkle in Time

Today is class day! And the projects are just too cute. But of course they're top secret unless you want in the club ;). You don't know what you're missing with all the new stuff!!!

But I do have something for you today since you can't be here with me.

More goodies from the new catalog tomorrow - but today, a little retired stamp set tribute to a Twitter buddy over at Deadpan Alley.

Anybody read those Madeline L'Engle books when they were little? These are FANTASTIC books.

And without a book review, I'll just tell you there's something really cool about colliding with a whole new universe and discovering its secrets.

Here's a little quote for ya.

"When I ponder mysteries - I get a childlike rush: mindfulness, curiosity, wonder, thrill of solution, giddiness."

Got that on Twitter via @ACRead and @lallaporter.

Twitter is my latest universe. It has been so cool for finding neat marketing resources, people who post helpful links for my graphic design work, people who make me laugh, and beautiful jewelry and art.

I'll put a list of a few of my faves at the end should you choose to bust up in some Twitter. :) Hope you do.

But Wednesday, my little Deadpan Alley was nowhere to be found! And I missed her terribly! Her Twitter icon is a piece of her gorgeous artwork, that's all hand drawn in ink on old book pages, which you know is close to my heart. My Twitscape was forlorn without her birds. As it would be without my paperbat, but more on that later.

Turns out her internet was down, so I decided to do a little stamping tribute to her. Go peek at her work at the link above before you study this.I used the retired A Little Birdie Told me, and stamped it on a page from a botany book I got used. It's a gorgeous book.

I colored the bird with Riding Hood Red reinker (buh-bye you gorgeous red) and stamped the little heart from Cheep Talk in Riding hood red, along with the branch from the same set in black.

The "marvelous" is a rubon from the colored "Bright Delight" set.I added some white gel pen highlights on the bird and the hearts.

Hopefully this will keep some Deadpan Alley fans going till her internet is fixed! Her art is much more lovely!

I'm thinking that I should do Twibutes (hee hee) to my other Tweople - here are some of my faves:

@paperbat - I so love my little paperbat. Stunning talent, great writing. Best icon on Twitter.
@dimbulb52 - quite possibly the funniest man on Twitter. Plus he likes the same music I do.
@holyxuxa - ROTFLMAO
@browneyedpea - one of the world's sweetest ladies, with FABBY links.
@barelyknit - in cahoots with holyxuxa in the ROTFLMAO dept.
@sockington - the cat with half a million followers. You know why? He's HILARIOUS.
@toddanddon - my local radio talk show hosts who make me laugh till I pull a muscle. They won't let me take my glasses off.
@thesearedays - my Austin idol - mom, gorgeous, ninja, blogger, runner, Ellen guest, gigglefest.

Cuz @thesearedays is my home girl, I'm gonna need you to check out one story in particular. If I hadn't already loved this woman, I would have asked her to leave her Iphone for me when I read this. When you start to read the story, please click on the Rachel is a Princess story before finishing, so that you can get the full flavor. Spectacular story of depravity and bliss all wrapped up right here in my own backyard. Here you go - enjoy.

Don't even get me started on the great people I've found in the last few days, like @Locket2you and more - they're wonderful. I'll share as I go and/or buy things.

It's an amazing group of humans. Check em out.

Speaking of amazing humans, my dear sweet reader Linda sent me a pressie - some of her AMAZING HANDMADE SOAP, which will be featured tomorrow. You're gonna freak!

But, she also sent the girls a pressie.

And here's how Maddie felt about it. :) I'm lucky I didn't lose a finger. This is the look she has when she says "I'm taking this now - let go and no one gets hurt."Needless to say, she hasn't allowed Splotchy to play with them at all!!

But both girls would like to wish you all a happy..

Have you signed up for the UBlue Cyber Club? Attended one of my Webinars?? Come on - get your geek on! :)

Want to see my other blog?


  1. Because of you i am determined to collect crosswords (empty) and pages out of books. Way to Kids! Really cool!

  2. i meant way to GO, Kids! Jeez-typos are.... welll they just are!

  3. Well, that is a gorgeous book, and it made for a gorgeous card! I just love how refreshing your style is Lydia. I can't wait each day to see what you've posted! Hope you had a lovely Caturday!

  4. I cannot tell you the big smile on my face from all your sweet, sweet words, to which I have two responses:
    1. Um, the whole "ninja" thing was supposed to be between you and me (kinda like being a spy) so try to keep that on the down-low

    but more importantly,

    2. I would trade my iPhone for you any day Lydia b/c IPhones are a dime a dozen but YOU, sweet wonderful Lydia, are one in a gazillion.

    Much love and thanks to you, my friend--

  5. Watch your fingers girl they're golden! Maddie girl looks like she means business when she says MINE!!

    Check out Ms. Lengle's other kids books too. Less sci-fi ish but terrific. Her non-fiction is also aces. She joined a crew sailing to Antarctica when she was in her 80's and covered some of that trip in her book with Penguins in the title. If you ever want to hear one of her talks I have some from a series she did in Santa Barbara at UCSB. Very inspiring. Very human lady should have heard her when her laptop with notes for her newest book broke down...lucky me got to fix it for her over kidding I was honored to rescue such an amazing authors work from the etherworld of lost files and locked up systems.

    Thanks for sharing - Jean

    ps: I remember being shocked when I found out tesseracts were real!


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