Monday, June 15, 2009

Again with the Monday?

I swear they are not spaced at 7 day intervals.


But I think not. The mood dramatically changes on Twitter each Monday. Everyone is all happy and lovey all weekend and then BAM - it's a Twitscape full of headaches and exhaustion, despair.

How long will we go without a ban?

But guess what? Here on Understand Blue, Monday will always make you smile!! It's...

And I finally have winners from the last two. I'm terrible at picking because everyone makes me smile, so there are multitudes of winners..

First, from June 8th, Carolyn wins with her bull joke and Sue wins with the Loris, which I've forwarded more times than anything else in the history of email. I seriously watch that every day!!!

Then from June 1st - Three winners!! Loved these stories - the Crisco joke from Candy Diaz, the bottomless jumper from Oma and Chris' story about the kitten stealer!!

Email me your addresses for goodies, ladies!!



Oh yeah - and Make me Laugh in a comment today for more prizes!!

Have you signed up for the UBlue Cyber Club? Attended one of my Webinars?? Come on - get your geek on! :)

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  1. Is it unfair if I just posted this to Facebook, too? This absolutely cracked me up. Watch to the very end; it's the best part.

  2. Geez, nothing funny comes to mind, so I will just say:

    Hi Lydia, Love ya!

    Lisa A.

  3. Ok, THIS week I'm gonna make you laugh.

    Go here:

    and watch this little video - you can't HELP but laugh at this one...

  4. Ohhh, all right-Cletus is typing thios without her galesse- she kises the dogs on the lips sometimes. She just did and it was a smoothcie-fest.

    Cletus has never typed in here before without glasses- I (Lisa) hear that new kind of contact lenses are becoming available- Bausch and Lom---somethin' or another-

    WV- either re-cling or re-sing can't tell but use your imagination!

  5. Cletus- CLETUS, is that you? Just got my glasses on after a smoochie fest with....... Ray, yea, that's it. What in the he*** ( that's hell with another letter)?

    Really, for sure, dogs that you love on the bed, playing and accidently licking you on the lips- love much and live a LOT!

    Kelly just saw me type this and said "that's a cute shirt"- "Sass- I has It" go figure

  6. Hey Lydia (aka Queen of Make me Laugh any day of the week)....

    This one came straight from your blog - or rather the secret word I got and have been hoarding till Monday....

    paersp - doesn't sound that funny until you hear my definition...

    paersp - this is what happens when you stay up too late typing and forget to put your P in the right place (it's funnier if you read it out loud :D). If you knew my cats you'd know it wasn't just me that can't put my P in the right place!

    Hope it made you laugh (or at least snort a little with or without the P.

    Hugs and blessings my favorite funny lady!

  7. YEAH..I made you lugh on the 8th!!! :-) My life is complete!

    WV ectrout
    as in...what someone who does not like trout would say as they stick their tongue out..


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