Monday, June 22, 2009

Make me SLEEP Monday!

That's right! It's 9:40, but it's MMLM!!

So since it's so late, I'll give you through Tuesday to make me laugh!!

This weekend was crazy. We competed in the 48 hour film festival, which goes on all over the country. You show up Friday night and draw a genre from a hat. We got horror which was perfect. You then have to script, film and edit a movie that's between 4 minutes and 7 minutes long and turn it in at the 48 hour mark. It was exhausting, but turned out really cool. Forget about my brother driving up 5 minutes before it was do and flinging a flash drive out of the car at my niece.. Or us breaking my sister's house by getting a huge piece of furniture stuck in a hallway so we had to walk outside to go to the other side of the house. Forget all that - it was cool.

They are showing our movie tomorrow night and Thursday night in a theater. Winners are chosen from each city and some of the winners get to go to the Cannes Film festival!!

I can post it after we've done a few things in the rules.

In the meantime, I do have a video you can watch. It's my instructional video on how to use Twitter, related applications - everything you need to know to tweet!


Tomorrow, we're going to the screening and getting interviewed for a documentary. THEN I can get back to stamping.

For now, I need sleep.


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  1. You will look wonderful in Cannes! It'll suit you "horribly".

    WV-pensf- This last weekend i was feeling pensf and wondered over to "Understand Blue". After that, my thoughts cleared and I was no longer pensf but went forward with a goal in mind.

  2. clicked one video but got error page- oops! want to watch it bad, I mean really bad- such "horror"bly bad thoughts that i might not see it- now i am pensf again.

    go to sleepy, little baby, go to sleepy little baby, when you wake we'll play patty-cake and ride a shiny new pony..........

  3. I re-entered the link - should work now.

    nighty night.


  4. Ha! That lisa is hilarious!
    i'm about to head off myself but have been checking in all day to see if you made it or not! so happy you did!! good luck! i can see you in cannes!!!

    here's a joke i got in my inbox, that i thought you might really enjoy, seeing as how you got such a kick out of swine flu --- not the sickness part, just the name, freaking out of the world part. you know what i mean.

    i hope.

    here it is:

    what's the difference between bird flu and swine flu?

    for bird flu you need tweetment and for swine flue you need oinkment.

    i'm hoping you are tired enough still that it's not just mildly funny --- but spew on your keyboard, fall out of your chair funny!

  5. Congrats on getting the film in the can as they used to say before Hi-Def and flash drives. Sounds like you got a genre right up your alley what with your penchants for monsters and reanimating thing. That's a whole kinda Dr. Frankenstein thing you have going on....Hmmmm....Lydia Frankenstein...has kind of a ring to it.'s a couple of links I shared in my weekly newsletter to check out that I think will have you cracking up. But before you watch ask yourself - are you a geek or a nerd? Okay you might also want to ask if you are a jock.

    -Some of your readers may not approve of this one but I have to say quite a lot of it was funny as heck (especially after several hours of Sunday talk shows :D)

    Get some sleep so you'll have the energy to laugh. Not to mention plan your wardrobe for Cannes - is that a topless zone?

  6. YEAH!!! I knew you would get 'er done!
    Can't wait to see the finished product...did you act or direct???

    WV.... STSCUSL....huh?

  7. If the second (or any) picture does not make you laugh..then you need more zzzzzz's

  8. um...and the link is....

  9. Hooray for you,oh,"One of Many Talents!" I was pretty sure you would get it done in time and I bet it is a winner, too. Good luck with the screenings and voting!

  10. Lydia, I will try to make you laugh, but I know you are very funny, so that may not work.

    I stole this one from somewhere: Sarah Palin wanted her daughter Bristol to name her child "Joe the Baby."

    Once my friend Manuela, whose native language is Portuguese, was being given something for free that wasn't all that good. She shrugged and said, "Well, you know what they say... Don't look in the teeth of a given horse."


  11. How did you get involved or hooked up with this project? It sounds awesome... tiring, but awesome.

    Congrats and best of luck to you and the team.

  12. I think flinging flash drives at relatives is fun- if you don't, well, then I suppose you'll have to get a real life. ;) ;) ;)


    something somewhere between gargling with lantana- just sayin'

  13. only lisa could use the words "gargling" and "lantana" together in a sentence!


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