Friday, June 26, 2009

Misplaced Joy

TGIF!! Really. Last weekend at the 48 Hour Film Festival was really fun, but as I learned when I received my (I'm not gonna tell you how many years) College Reunion postcard today - I'm too old to have that much fun and not be really tired all week. So I'm looking forward to catching up on neglected work, walking, and sleeping this weekend.

It's been a strange few weeks in the news, and I just have to say this before I go on.

There are a lot of people who have some misplaced joy in this world. They feel joy when other people suffer. Why? It sounds horrible, right? All of us would say "I don't do that!" But do we?

Instead of the real examples, I'll give you small ones. Slowing down to look at a car wreck. Slowing down to look at Reality TV.

You know what my advice is?

Don't look.

Sometimes people make money when you look.

Do you know what a credit default swap is? You've probably heard it on the news and no one has explained it. In simple terms, it means that you make a bet that someone is going to default on a mortgage. When they do - you make money. So people make money when families lose their homes.

When I explain it like that, I think everyone can agree that it is sick and there's tragedy underneath the money. The same is true with much of reality TV and lots of news stories.

Every time people look, they subsidize tragedy. So I say don't look. I don't. I watch kitten and bunny videos on YouTube and re-runs of the Office.

Look in the direction of uplifting, funny, cute. The people who provide uplifting, funny and cute to the world should be the wealthiest and happiest among us. Well, those people, teachers and

Here endeth the lesson.

And begins the art. :)

I thought since I was being so serious I should give you some nice bright colors. This is the new Crushed Curry cardstock and ink. Pretty, yes?

I used an old Golf Magazine for the background. It has slick pages, so it's less desirable than Food & Wine which is my fave magazine to recycle. But if you're careful, it doesn't smear.
However, it needs a little definition once you get it on the page. While this color is more saturated than So Saffron, it's not as dark as it needs to be to stand out on print.

So I took my handy dandy Micron pen and outlined it. I went double thick on the underside of the leaves to give a little shadow.

Then I added highlights with my white gel pen.

The magazine panel is punched with the Sizzix top note die, and then I added a rub on for the greeting.

For the circles, I used the Circle Circus stamp set and my 1.25" punch, along with the flowers from the same Razzle Dazzle set (a Shelli Signature set) also accented with my white gel pen. I stamped the little circles from Circle Circus in Crushed Curry on top of these.

After I tied the ribbon around the card, I tacked the loops down with mini glue dots - this really helps make your bow look perfect.

Now - it's time for me to go find a bunny video to watch before I go to sleep. :)

If you want a little real joy, right now, then watch this.


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  1. Alrighty then------love the card. once again you out did yourself. If I attempted that then Cletus would out do me-------or somethin'.

    Sorry, I do watch Jon and Kate sometimes, SuperNanny sometimes and sometimes Wife Swap. For me, it is entertainment but I do, quite often, come away with some really good parenting tips. I absolutely know I would not be interested in any of these if I didn't have children.

    I also watch American Idol and So You think You Can dance. Desperate Housewifes too. Right now, my fave is Rescue Me w. Denis Leary on FX. Yeah, believe it or not, I'm balanced in the TV viewing occupation.

  2. I hear you about the Misplaced Joy. I have never watched one reality show, and have no plans to, either. I do not consider sitting on my arse to watch someone else's life as 'entertainment'. Blech, who needs it? My OWN life is pretty entertaining! :-)

    And car wrecks? Heck, it does not even need to be a wreck - just a cop's flashing lights can stop traffic cold. I do not look, not one bit. I stop, but only because of the idiots in front of me. I just don't get it...

    So ANYway, I love your card! I did not get this set, as I do not see me using it much, but I love how you stamped it on a printed page, and of course, the outlining and highlights. I do not subscribe to any magazines, so I have yet to try this, but it's on my list of things to do!

  3. love your card.

    I know I took your class where you had us stamp on paper. But I'm still to scared to do it on my own.

    My fave reality TV Show has gotten really dark lately. It's Jon & Kate Plus Eight. DH doesn't condone my watching it anymore because of all the tabloid coverage. But I just adore those kiddos.


  4. Amen! I am proud to say that I have never, ever, ever watched a reality show and I don't own a TV. And when I see an accident on the road, I send a silent prayer. No, not saintly behavior - just the. right. thing. to. do.

    Gorgeous card!!

  5. I must admit that I watch Top Chef and Project Runway only because of the creativity aspect. I do not like the personal interactions of the contestants and wish they wouldn't focus on that as much.

    This technique is cool. I'm going to have to try that. Glad I browsed around today! Have a great weekend - what's left of it.

  6. Beautiful card and I love the video. Every one should treat animals so well. No only have I never watch a reality show I missed every episode of Dallas. Where am I?

  7. I really liked your card because my very favorite flower is a simple daisy and this card looks so clean and happy with its little daisies. Of course, I like the super job you did with the stamp on print, too! As for happy, the people that you mentioned who should be the wealthiest probably are...just not with money. They already understand "happiness"...that in giving (love, time, money, energy, etc.) they will receive. I hope you are having a wonderful weekend!

  8. You are so talented! Sigh ...

    I so loves da cute critters! Thanks for sharing! I've been watching "Love Story Meets Viva la Vida" - thanks for that wonderful tip, also!

    Isn't it called "Schadenfreude" - a secret (or not secret, I guess) satisfaction at the misfortune of others?

    Here's something that makes me crazy - there was an AP story in our newspaper today or yesterday that used the contraction it's for the possessive its. The Associated Press!! " Abandon hope ..."

    Okay, I'm going to listen to John Schmidt now!

    G'night Lydia, I love reading your blog!

  9. Lydia,

    Well, I have only one child a daughter as you know, so I don't get to watch much TV other than Kids type shows with her. So, reality shows, I don't watch much. I will confess to watching TLC when they have a new episode about the Duggar family. I am so impressed that Michelle Duggar has given birth to 18 children. How many women can do that? Not me!

    Anyways, I love this card, so creative, and that new color is way too pretty!

    Oh, also thanks for sharing the cute Squirrel video, that was awesome. I want one too!

    Hugs, Lisa A.

  10. Hi again, just wanted to let you know I did try this and have posted on my blog . Thanks for the inspiration.


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