Wednesday, December 3, 2008

It's not Pink, but...

It's not red and green either!!

I was surprised to find that I like this color combination - I've never been a burgundy gal. Possibly scarring from growing up immersed in Texas A&M culture where people found it endlessly amusing to buy maroon clothing, cars, pet sweaters, live in houses with maroon fake flowers, wear maroon hats, Aggie shoelaces and other items to show their undying devotion to the team.

Through a strange twist of fate, I now live in the rival town where old ladies wear burnt orange buttondowns, orange rhinestone jewelry, have orange clad fru fru dogs and drag their husbands (wearing burnt orange golf shirts and driving burnt orange SUV's) to tailgate parties regardless of their age.

I guess I was just destined for the college town mania scene. But I don't have to like it. :)

However, I do like Soft Sky and Purely Pomegranate. There's nothing even remotely football-y about it. It's soft and pretty and I wouldn't flinch if I saw someone wearing this combo.

The little tree is from Merry and Bright, and is colored with re-inkers and my blender pen. The greeting is from All Holidays.

Could the pomegranate ribbon be any prettier? Seriously?

On to serious issues. Have you gotten gas lately? Have you noticed that gas pumps now interrogate you like you are at Guantanamo Bay? In the old days, when pay at the pump was new, you used to put your credit card in, choose your fuel type and fill up your tank, distracted only by whether or not you had hand sanitizer in the car to clean off the Ebola that most certainly lives on gas pump handles.

Now, it goes more like this:

You take off your gas cap, put the nozzle in, and swipe your card.

Pump: Please enter your five digit zip code and press enter. (BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP)

Would you like a car wash? Yes/No (BEEP)

Are you sure you wouldn't like a carwash? We have like seven levels of carwash available - level 7 includes a small howler monkey that cleans your door locks with a soft bristled toothbrush. Yes/No (BEEP)

Did we mention the howler monkey? He smells like cherries. Last chance. Yes/No (BEEP)

Would you like a receipt? Yes/No (BEEP)

Are you late for work? Yes/No (BEEP)

Would you like to be? Yes/No (BEEP)

Would you like to enroll in our free point system where you can accumulate valuable gas station merchandise, such as stuffed tigers and 64 oz plastic cups? Yes/No (@*&#^#*$& BEEP.)

How do you feel about testing cosmetics on animals? Essay (BEEEEEEEEEEEEEP)

Do you know your carbon footprint number?

I'm starting to think this would be quicker...

Have a great Wednesday!!


  1. LOL! OMG, this is funny! And yes, I find it quite annoying. Sometimes I think it would be faster to pay cash inside!

  2. Oops, I was so laughing at the gas pump comments I forogot to tell you I LOVE that color combo. And yes, the ribbon is yummy!

  3. ROFL!!! I knew that there was a howler monkey at the carwash, and Little Miss loves when the rainbow soap gets sprayed on the car because it smells so good. I'll have to tell her to look for the monkey next time.

    Bravo for the great card color combo, and for using up retired stuff! I actually broke into my vault of Caribbean Cool the other night. Still have lots of last year's colors to play with as well. Have a great day!

  4. i love the retro feel of this card! simple, clean, and the circle behind the trees really makes them pop.

    i thought of you at the pump today. i hate all the queries too, and would go mental if i had to sit in that little room and be the cashier. imagine how many times a day you'd have to endure hearing that stupid machine ask you about engine additive!!


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