Monday, January 14, 2013

POSH - Not Just for Spice Girls Anymore!

If you're worried about people getting tortured with sleep deprivation - don't.

I've just returned from Stampin' Up!'s Leadership, where I spent a week screaming, giggling and running around like a crazy person. My estimate is that my roommates and I spent a total of 9 hours between Tuesday and yesterday sleeping. They can correct me if they feel it was only 8. Or 6.

That's called making the most of your time, not torture. And it resulted in some VERY funny moments, some of which will stay secret FOREVER!!!

Anyway, I have TONS of news for you - it's hard to know where to start!! So I'll start with MEN.

Yep. Men. Or, as we call them, DUDES.

Watch this video and I'll meet you in one minute and 40 seconds.

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SQUEE!! Isn't that awesome?? A kit for the dude in your life! You are welcome!! You can order this dude-alicious kit right here right now!! I'll give you EXACTLY one guess as to which of the stamps in this kit is my favorite!!

But that's not nearly all!!

I screamed myself into a sore throat when they announced that we have a new monthly kit called My Paper Pumpkin! I have been waiting for this forever!!
SQUEEEE!!! I love it SO much!! There's a welcome kit (shown) that even includes an acrylic block  - so for absolute beginners who have never stamped before, or for busy experienced stamper, this is 100% self contained creativity each month. There's also a trial where you can try before you buy and see if you like the kit:

Now for everyone who subscribes to this kit with me as their demonstrator, I have a bonus for you, called Posh My Pumpkin!™

Each month, after the kit arrives, you'll receive an email from me with a special "Posh My Pumpkin" tutorial with bonus projects made from the kit that you may not have thought of.

To sign up for the kit, and to be eligible for Posh My Pumpkin™, just go to and at the end of the quick & easy registration process, be sure and add my name as your demonstrator - Lydia Fiedler - to be eligible for poshing! :) Only my personal pumpkin peeps will be POSHED - say THAT three times fast!

Tomorrow I'll be back with the CUTEST card, I promise. But now - it's catch up at work time. It's also "readjust to cedar pollen time." And "solve Mexican food craving time."

You know - the usual. :)

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