Thursday, January 24, 2013

I've Created Pavlov's Cats

I've created Pavlov's cats.

I just had this revelation today, as I launched into my morning routine with a head full of cedar pollen and some unladylike words rolling off my tongue about said cedar pollen.

I got the cat dishes, brought them into the kitchen, filled my espresso machine with water for my London Fog, and hit the "Rinse Machine" button. The second that familiar sound of the machine steam cleaning and rinsing itself filled the kitchen, the two cats shot up onto the bar like little rockets, like they always do.

And it hit me.

I have trained them that my espresso machine means kitty food.

It all works like a well oiled machine. While the espresso maker self cleans, I clean out their dishes. I turn the machine to steam if I'm having a London Fog, and in the amount of time that takes to heat up, I can put food in their dishes, take it to their feeding station, come back and steam the milk. If I'm having espresso, I just hit the shot button while I'm getting the food ready. It's very efficient and neither I nor the furries have to wait too long for what we're dying to have.

But I flat out started laughing when they bounced up today the second I hit the rinse button. They do it every day, but I never realized until today that I trained them to. I imagine if they ever escaped and got lost, they'd head down the street to Starbucks and hop up on the bar for food while the barista was pulling shots.


Anyhoo. I have been DYING to play with the Sketched Birthday set we got at Leadership. This is a not yet released set, so I'm sorry to torture you, but it's wicked cute. I did the background with my D block from the My Paper Pumpkin Kit. The balloons are paper pieced - I used Summer Sun and Pool Party Ink, and then paper pieced the balloon out of the opposite color cardstock. They are stamped in Early Espresso, and it's hard to see here, but I used silver Dazzling Details on all the spots on the balloons so they are very sparkly IRL.

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Thanks for looking! Now go train your cats!



  1. Lovely cards! Pretty design...and I can see those glittery dots!

    LOL on Pavlov's cats! I have a couple of them too!! When I walk in the utility area she's doing her food dance ON the food bucket lid while the other one sits outside the utility area looking at me without any movement whatsoever! Love my furrbabies!

  2. I have one of those cats as well. When I am going to brush my teeth she jumps on the vanity and I have to fill a paper cup and hold it for her to drink - it MUST be held !! - LOL My granddaughter did that once about 4 years ago and that cat was quick off the mark to make it a ritual .

  3. I'm still trying to figure out exactly who is training whom at this house. LOL Our morning routine is similar to yours.

    One of my furdolls still comes running when she hears me open a can (can opener OR pop top) in hopes that it's tuna. It's been ages since I even bought canned tuna - but she remembers.

    I love your CAS card - very cute. I've been racking my brain to figure out that stamp set from our swag. IBC sneak peek???

  4. It's soooo funny you mention Pavlov today! Just this very evening, I had that same realization about one of my dogs! My dog is 5, and for years my son's bedtime routine was to brush his teeth and then come out of the bathroom, announce "I'm ready for bed" and then RUN into his bedroom to hide from us {he likes to jump out and scare us}. The dogs would always bark and chase him to his room. About a year or so ago, he outgrew his little hiding game and no longer runs to his bedroom, but the rest of his routine is the same. Tonight, I happened to be in the kitchen eating a snack, so he came out there to make his nightly announcement. And my crazy dog [who was busy begging for food, as usual] actually stopped begging to bark at my son as soon as he said "I'm ready for bed"!!!! I always thought it was just the act of throwing open the bathroom door that made him bark and think the chase was on, but it's really the SENTENCE that does it! My mind boggles!!!!

    Your cards are very cute, BTW. They make me think of Winnie the Pooh and sing the "little black rain cloud" song. :)

  5. Kinda reminds me of how our childhood dog used to get really excited whenever my mom used the can opener because that's what she'd use just before feeding him. Lol. Lovely cards. So simple and sweet. *smile*


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