Monday, January 21, 2013

I Escaped the Flu

I was terrified to go to Orlando.

Three planes. Three airports, two of them twice. Two nekkid body scans. 1500 people in one room for four days. Countless restaurants. Two theme parks.

All during the worst flu outbreak in America. What was I thinking?

I found an old bottle of Robitussin in my bathroom when I was packing for my trip. It was an artifact, because I bought it the last time I was sick. It expired in 2005. Which means I bought it in 2004. Maybe 2003.

The last time I was sick was nearly ten years ago.

I didn't want to break my streak.

Luckily, I learned right before I left that actual influenza is not airborne, like colds can be. It's spread by people touching something contaminated and then touching their vulnerable spots - mouth, nose, eyes.

So I armed myself. I brought boxes of lavender scented hand wipes from Target. And I mean boxes.

In restaurants, after I touched the menu, I discreetly wiped my hands under the table. I washed them about 100 times a day, singing happy birthday every time. At the theme parks, I was constantly using the hand wipes.

I never touched my face with my hands If my eye itched, I used my shirt to touch my face.

It worked. I think I'm the only person I know that didn't get the flu. (knocks on wood)

However, four hours after I got home, healthy as a horse, I realized I had forgotten one thing when I was in Florida.


Oh well.

You can't win em all. *Achoo*

Either way, I'm super thankful I didn't get the flu. I hope you didn't either! Thank you, Florida, for not giving me the flu!

Pin It

Our technique challenge this week was to make dies the focal point of our card. Since I had two negative cuts on my desk from the dress die I used at this month's class, I thought I'd put them together for a quickie card.

The paper is More Amore - the die is from the All Dressed Up bundle. So cute. I added some pearls and some of the ribbon you can get starting Thursday for Sale-A-Bration.

You should be proud of me for not hoarding that pretty blue ribbon.

Also for not getting the flu.

I hope you are healthy.



  1. That is one CUTE card! I don't think I'm going to Alaska this summer so I won't be able to stuff my suitcase with Stampin Up stuff to bring back! :(

  2. I can honestly say that I have never seen a "Thank You" card for not getting the flu! LOL!
    Glad you didn't though. :)
    Pretty card.

    True :D

  3. Adorable! Love the pearls and ribbon!


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