Sunday, January 6, 2013

Get off my Lawn!

Tonight I had dinner with an awesome bunch of ladies.

We went to a new-to-me restaurant that was phenomenal - Takoba. Which, no matter how many times I type or hear it, I can't remember the name of. But the FOOD was memorable and so was the company.

So after dinner we were standing by my car, on a completely deserted street, talking and laughing like six women do, and two guys come down the sidewalk. Apparently, walking around a group of six women was a devastating setback for them, because one of them grunts "you're blocking the whole sidewalk."

Really? REALLY? You're blocking your face AND your mom, you grumpmaster. He should have been glad we were there so that we could protect him should a REAL danger present itself. He obviously is not equipped to deal with any sort of setback, like unexpectedly having to step off onto the grass when presented with other humans.


Okay, so as promised, here's our second class project from yesterday and this dress die makes me SQUEE!!!!

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In addition to the All Dressed Up dies, we got to play with what I affectionately call "the wavy board" - or the Borders Scoring Plate for the Simply Scored. This thing is the BOMB! The greeting is from Word Play and the paper is More Amore and Basic Gray cardstock.

Cute, eh? We had fun playing with it all. If I get time tomorrow I'll do a quick little video on the wavy plate :)



  1. Grump Master G! LMAO Sheesh!!! PUNK! hahahahahahah

  2. Good Grief!!!!! I can't believe the rudness and complete lack of respect for others that some "humans" still posses. I'm speachless, my dear, honestly!! This kind of behavior is, unfortunately passed on to future generatios unless the children of this brutes rise above their parent's horrid example of how to behave when real humans cross their path.

  3. Sheeesh!! I was so shocked about your "close encounter of the third kind" that I forgot to comment on your beautiful card. LOVE IT!! and the Borders Scoring Plate is absolutely amazing. It's on my "MUST HAVE LIST"

  4. And he is still standing?? WHAT?!??!?! Grumpmaster indeed.

    Cute dress!


  5. LOVE this sentiment on this card -- I struggle with this sentiment but it's perfect with the dress.


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