Friday, January 4, 2013

An Embarrassing Story Whose Time Has Come

I hold on to my embarrassing stories until the time is right. I'm still hanging onto the Arkansas/monkey debacle - that one is nowhere near ripe.

But I do have one that is.

So we are lucky enough to have one of my favorite people on earth as a Splitcoast Gallery Moderator and challenge hostess - Sabrina, a.k.a. Cook22. (Check out her awesome tutorial for the Inkling this week here.)

Not only is she incredibly talented as an artist, but she has a sweet, gentle spirit, a great sense of humor, and she's from Ireland - what's not to love?

Well, a year or so ago, I friended her on Facebook.

I was delighted to find her there, and couldn't wait to peek in on her beautiful photography - one of her many talents in my daily perusal.

In the first month or two, I was sort of shocked by some of her posts. Most were funny, lighthearted, but some were things I wouldn't expect from her - and littered with profanity. As time went on, they got worse and worse. I wanted to ask her about it, but obviously that would be weird. I mean, would I say "Wow - you seem so ladylike in real life but your cursing like a longshoreman on Facebook is alarming?" How would that go?

So finally, one day, suspecting the truth, I just innocently asked - "Hey - are you on Facebook?"

Um no. Of course she's not.

BWAHAHAHAHAHA! I laughed so hard and instantly unfriended the vulgar imposter!! Completely hilarious. Also, I guess some names are more common in Ireland than I thought they were. Tee hee.

So she might be far away, but we can definitely share a good laugh over that. :)

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Stamps: Feel Goods Paper: Whisper White, Midnight Muse Ink: Midnight Muse 
Accessories: Stampin' Pastels, White Gel Pen

Now remember my glowing lights on the Christmas Tree tag I did for our first Challenge Chicks post?

Well I thought that technique would be fun for glowing skyscraper windows on an "I miss you" type card. I tried to figure out why I always associate city images with the "I miss you" sentiment and I decided it's because I find big cities lonely. I love them, but they feel lonely. Too many people and not enough friends.

So I whipped up a quick little video for you to show you how easy this is to do. I hope you enjoy it.



  1. That is soooo funny!!! Yeah, I can't imagine Sabrina cussing like that either. Me? Yep. Her? No way!! ;)

    Love your cutie card and that sentiment is THE best ever!! xoxox

  2. LOL! "Cursing like a longshoreman on Facebook"

    Those city lights are darling. And I happen to love hearing your voice. :)

  3. Darling card! What a fun, simple technique!

  4. Bwahahaha! I'm laughing a leg off here!!!! Having met Sabrina a few times now, the thought of her cursing like a Longshoreman seems utterly hilarious...and I was going - what? Sabrina on facebook? Really? You're a hoot....oh, and I LOVE your technique and card!

  5. You go, Harold!! Love that purple crayon.

  6. Great idea! Thanks for sharing your great video and LOL funny story!

  7. Love that story! And thanks for the great tutorial...can't wait to try that technique!

  8. Fabulous story indeed. After watching her video tutorial and listening to her soft voice explaining the steps for that great card, I couldn't imagine her cursing like a longshoreman. The cursing words just wouldn't sound right? LOL, thanks for the early laugh, have a great day.

  9. I forgot to comment on that darling card with the glowing windows, what an amazing technique. That Christmas card you showed first looks so beautiful with the ornaments done with the chalk. I do have the SU pastels, they are great. Thanks for the video.

  10. That is HILARIOUS Lydia!!! Sabrina is a guest designer on ODBD this month and it's been fun getting to know her a little better - I'd be shocked too if I saw profanities coming from her, LOL!! TFS!

  11. Your glowing,lit-up cityscape looks happy not sad to me - but if even one of those windows were dark, wouldn't it make a fab missing you card! What a wonderful sentiment on this one, though - a good laugh can be a real tonic.

    I'm giggling at your timing with this post, because as well as there being two of me, which I didn't know till your "incident" there are also two DHs. I did know this, because years ago I had a phone call from a Spanish girl thinking she'd found the other one and sending him lots of big kisses. I'm glad she was looking for the "fraudulent imposter", LOL. But just two nights ago we had another phone call for the other one! And in his case, can you believe that their fathers both also have the same name, so the caller says is that x y, son of z y, and it's still not enough to separate the wheat from the chaff! To crown that, although he spells it slightly differently, there's another one about 5 minutes walk from here - which I learnt from our piano tuner, because the local "other one" also has a piano. These days how many people still have real pianos, for starters!!


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