Monday, January 28, 2013

Not Cool, Robert Frost!

"Today, create something that will make the world AWESOME."

I can't think of better advice.

This video will just flat out make you happy to be on this earth.

So watch it.

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Stamps: Farm Life Ink: More Mustard, Early Espresso, Basic Black

You've been pep talked :)


  1. HAHHA!!! "Don't stop believing...unless your dream is stupid". LOVE THAT!!! And your card is amazing. Like you. ♥

  2. Love Soulpancake, thanks for sharing. Started to follow your blog for your awesome talent. But, now I follow you for your amazing blogging. Read you with my cereal each morning and look forward to that days take on your life. I enjoy laughing and crying with you so much, thanks!

  3. OK so I could have written Debbie's post... LOL ... I just love your blog!!! I had not heard of soulpancake but that video was totally adorable and honestly aren't we on the same team???


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