Thursday, January 17, 2013

A Day In The Life of a Clothing Tag

While I was grumbling last night and ripping out a tag that was scarring my back, I wondered about the people who source tag material for clothes.

I imagined them sitting in an expansive office up at the top of a building in lower Manhattan, with scratchy tag material samples spread out before them, and a baby in front of them, with his soft little back to the executives. One of them picks up the tag and puts it on the baby's back. The baby, of course, cries.

"NOT SCRATCHY ENOUGH!!" yells the executive, tossing the tag to the floor and picking up another one. "Can we find one with sharper corners or do I have to fire all of you??" he screams to his staff. The baby cringes.

I'm almost certain that's how it goes.

I'm counteracting the now banished prickly tag with something soft and pretty.

The little tag on this card is from the Pop Up Posies Designer Kit. I wish you could feel the flowers - they are so soft and fun. The tags come with that embossed edge. The stamp image is actually from the upcoming Sale-A-Bration catalog, and I stamped it in Early Espresso. The card base is Pool Party Core'dinations textured cardstock, that I embossed with the stripes embossing folder and then distressed with the sanding block.

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I think if I stuck this whole card in my shirt it would be softer than that tag was.



  1. I HATE clothing tags :)
    I LOVE your card :)

  2. OMG Tags BUG ME!!! HOW do they irritate skin so bad??? I will tear a hole in my shirt just to get rid of the damn thing!!!

  3. I love your cards and this post is hilarious!

  4. Love your wonderful/cute sense of humor! Clothing tags ARE annoying. Your card is beeeuuteemous and soothing to the soul!!

  5. So glad I'm not the only one who HATES those sandpaper tags w/ the razor edges! I do love your card! I think I'd stick it to outside of my shirt so everyone could see.

  6. Invest in a $1.50 seam ripper!! the best thing ever!! I take off ALL the tags!! They are so annoying!!

    Great card!!



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