Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Does Anyone Remember?

Does anyone remember life before Greek Yogurt?

Why were we eating such boring, goopy yogurt before?

When I was in Orlando, I got my friend Sue hooked on the crack that is Chobani yogurt.

I had to work slowly though. She immediately mixed it all up like it was the 90s. Silly rabbit.

I had to beg her on the next go round to eat it like God and Mr. Chobani intended, just dipping your spoon straight down to the bottom without mixing.

Well smack me and call me Edna if the next day she didn't admit it was way better that way!

But seriously - I could never go back to eating regular yogurt now. It's so boring. Amazing how such a staple of our lives can suddenly and without warning after decades just take a Fosbury Flop into the new awesome and we forget how we lived before.

That happens in stamping too. I truly do not remember life before my Big Shot. Goodness it must have been boring. Now it's like the John Bates of my stamp room.

Today I smashed bottlecaps in it!

It was so easy and they're so cute smashed. I used the teeny ones from the Soda Pop Tops in the spring mini.

Then I filled them with the teeny, SQUEEworthy critters from the Itty Bitties stamp set in Tangerine Tango, Real Red, Early Espresso and Gumball Green. I used the 1/2" circle punch and the scallop from the Itty Bitty punch pack to make the insides.

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SEE? Didn't you just SQUEE??? Ack I can't wait to use that little skull and ghost!!

The inspiration today was from the Splitcoast Sketch Challenge #420. I thought it was perfect for some smashed pop tops.

If you want to smash them, just open all the tabs on your Big Shot and put them on a cutting plate with another cutting plate on top and zip it through. I thought it would be hard to get through the machine but it was actually less resistance than a die. Easy as pie.

Give it a try! And don't forget, Sale-A-Bration started yesterday - don't forget to get your freebies!



  1. WAY cool! And, sit down, dont faint...I have never tried the Greek yogurt yet! I know!!!

  2. Love me some Chobani, especially the Pomegranate! I admit it stir the hell out of it but I'm opening to trying it your way. L.O.V.E. those smashed bottle caps. The stamps fit so perfectly in there:) Thanks for the inspiration.

  3. Hi Lydia,

    Have I told you lately how much I love your writing?!?!?! Reading your blog is one of the best parts of my day! I've never tried Greek yogurt, but I guess I will have to buy some and see if it's as good as you say. Glad I read the post first though so I know not to stir it up!!! Your card is just adorable. Would have never guessed you could smash bottle caps in the Big Shot. Like you, I don't even understand how I ever did anything without my Big Shot. It is rare for me to make a project without it.

    Peace, Love & Joy,

  4. And did you know your beloved Chobani is made right outside of Rochester NY? Yes, that's right -- Rochester has it's thumb on the pulse of all that is important in the world.
    Love your card, love your blog.

  5. Great looking card, but yogurt in any form - ugh! And Greek is even worse... my husband loves it!!!! I steer clear of it all!

    xo Deborah

  6. You took an extra "hilarious pill" today, didn't you. LOL

    Greek Yogurt: I was all set to try it, then some blogger wrote how nasty it is. Been ah-scared ever since.

    Big Shot: Did I ever tell you about the time I was a newbie at convention? They announced we were getting a Big Shot and the crowd went wild. I screamed and jumped up and down with the best of 'em and then turned to my upline and said ... wait for it ... "What's a Big Shot?" They'll have to bury me with that thing, because they still won't be able to pry it from my cold, dead hands.

    Love your card. My bottle caps are on the way. Can't wait.



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