Monday, January 7, 2013

Oh, Hello

Oh, Hello.

Look - I haven't even had time to watch Downtown Abbey yet - can you believe that???

It's taunting me from my DVR - but I'm headed off to Leadership, so it will have to wait.

I just NOW started NCIS - can you believe that? I know my friend Kathy is ashamed of me. I do really like it - we just watched the first two on Netflix.

I tend not to do things in their own time, which is fine.

Pray for safe travels for Kim and I tomorrow as we get groped and molested by the TSA on our way to Orlando. Actually, you know what? Pray for the TSA :).

Here's a little ditty I did for my class this weekend, with the Hearts a Flutter die set and the More Amore paper and the OMG flower trim. What do you think?

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Be sure to tune in tomorrow for our adventures, documented in real time right here. You won't get an email notice - but the stream will be running live on my blog through Sunday evening. Please chat with me in real time - I love that! :)

Perhaps I'll get to snap a pic of Diana Gibbs and I with our flu masks on :).


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  1. Lydia, I think you need one of the Downton Tabby shirts (gray or red on the top of this link):


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