Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Strange Days

Okay - I'm in marketing, so I have complete license to make the following observation.

The people who came up with this are on crack.

Imagine the marketing meeting where the execs come in and review pitches for the packaging for the latest popcorn product. I will freely admit that it's a product that is hard to really think outside the box on, but what in the heck was going on in that room when people stood up and cheered for the image of a guy KAYAKING through popcorn??? What in the WORLD were the other choices???? People wearing popcorn socks?

Surely there are some people who are going to think they're getting a free Kayaker inside every bag. That is going to be bitterly disappointing when they remove it from the microwave.


  1. Isn't Trail's End the Boy Scout popcorn? I think, like the Girl Scout cookies, that the boxes feature actual Boy Scouts doing Boy Scouty things. So while it doesn't immediately make sense...there is some reasoning...

  2. maybe since it's unbelieve butter it's unbelieve about the person in the kayak

    just a thought

  3. You are too funny....same old Lydia!


  4. Okay, I have to say this. I must insist that you tell me that I need to go "relieve" myself before you say things like this!!! I mean seriously, most of us are mothers and you should understand!!! LOL!!!

  5. It says right there on the box that *anything's possible with popcorn*, so you may just be surprised when it comes out of the microwave!!! You totally crack me up though...I was just sitting here, feeling rather ordinary and now I have tears of laughter streaming down my face.... YOU ROCK :)

  6. Too funny Lydia, you always make me laugh. Thanks!


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