Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Well almost finally!

Thanks to Vicki for pointing out that I forgot one card!!!!Forgive me for the omission.

But I'm excited to post this card today for lots of reasons.

1) It's soooo beautiful - this was our "warm up" card in the Zindorf workshop - if you can believe THAT.
2) I'm sending it to my friend whose father has Alzheimer's.
3) I'm grateful to Cammie - a former fellow Starving Artistamps designer when I started - for her efforts to raise money for the Alzheimer's Association through her amazing prize giveaway. She designed the Whimsical Autumn set for Gina K and donated 100% of her proceeds to the foundation in memory of her grandmother.

This turned into a flurry of generosity and a giant giveaway from Papertrey Ink, Splitcoast Stampers, Gina K and tons of others. I think that it is a testament to Cammie's sweet nature that she has had an overwhelming response to her own generosity for a great cause. There are 5 million Americans suffering from this disease, and many more caregivers sharing that struggle.

So even though this is much bigger than stamps, head over to her blog and see how you can win more than $1000 in merchandise and tons of handmade items from people who have donated to her great effort.

And MOST IMPORTANTLY - make and SEND a card to someone you know who is caring for a person afflicted with this disease.

Have a great Tuesday.


  1. i think this is my favorite of all the cards! i'm also glad you're joining me in sending a card to someone who is caring for someone with alzheimer's. what a hideous disease.

  2. I wish I could have attended those classes with Michelle. I love her work so much. This card is fantastic, you did a beautiful job on it. Glad you had so much fun...


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