Saturday, September 13, 2008

How I Spent my Friday

Yes, in the emergency room. :(

Maddie & Splotchy helped me take the wristbands off the second I got home.

The picture of the hurricane is where it is right now. So you can see the very western edge is just east of downtown, so where I live it's just windy, thank goodness.

You guys are so sweet - thanks for all the worries. But all is well here and the cats do not care about storms. They didn't even go under the bed.

Hopefully I'll have some cards for you later but wanted to say a quick thanks!


  1. Did I miss something? I hope you're doing better and that it wasn't a hurricane related injury that took you to the hospital (or "horse-pistol" as we used to call it when I worked there). I can see where the kitties would be big helps in getting that bracelet off.

  2. Where do you live in Texas? I live in Grand Prairie, which is right between Dallas and Fort Worth. My daughter attend Sam Houston State University in Huntsville, thank goodness she came home Thursday to go to the dentist, she wanted to go back that night, but we told her NO! The University closed Thursday afternoon and Friday. We are just starting to get the rain, but not nearly as bad as the Houston, Galveston area. Take Care! P.S. I hope that you are okay, was the injury storm related?
    Bev Hammack (Rette Mom)
    I really love receiving your blog every morning, you are such an inspiration, and I love your cats.

  3. OK.......what happened? Hope u are doing ok.


  4. Hey Girl,
    What Happened? U fall off ur bike? LOL! I HOPE YOU ARE WELL! Ur in my prayers I hope you feel better!!!!!

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