Thursday, September 18, 2008

Cupcake Anniversary Tree

I sent this off today for the Stampin' Success contest for November - YES I PEEKED QUIT JUDGING ME! I always get my magazine late and sometimes I have to look.

It's a cupcake tree with 20 cupcakes for Stampin' Up!'s 20th birthday! I love sticking things in that tree!

The card base is Kiwi Kiss, with a layer of white and then Basic Grey. I colored the cupcakes with Pirouette Pink and Kiwi Kiss reinkers and a blender pen. Then I cut them out. The ones in the pyramid are stuck on with mini glue dots and the ones in the tree are popped up with dimensionals. The tree is stamped in White Craft ink and then embossed with detail white.

I cut two copies of the 20 with the GoGo boots die so that I could have a Kiwi Kiss shadow behind the Pink Pirouette.

Finally, I added some glitter to the frosting - Iridescent Ice and two way glue.

Okay - now for some very disturbing kitty Gitmo pics. Get the kids out of the room.

First - CLEARLY the kitty protocol for waterboarding Punky is this hind leg stance because the picture of Maddie doing it under the bed is IDENTICAL!!! Who knew there was some sort of kitten boot camp where a big old mangy cat yelled at them until they could do this in their sleep!!

Then, I caught this spooky scene of Splotchy whispering to Punky - "If you cooperate with me, I won't let the OTHER ONE come back in here... What's it gonna be, Punk?"


Thanks to Barb, who alerted me to the fact that tortoiseshell cats only come in "hers" and not "hims" - hence Splotchy's gender revelation making a lot more sense. He/she :) is a classic tortoiseshell, right down to the mischief.

Then, while trying to figure out what kind of cat runs around with its tail curled over its back like a husky - this is Maddie - I found this great website, that says there's something called a Curly Tailed cat - and if you scroll down to the cat named Ra - IT COULD TOTALLY BE A PICTURE OF HER! Actually I'm a little nervous that someone is taking pictures of Maddie when I'm not looking!

1 day and a wakeup to the Zindorf class! See some of you very soon!

PS - for my Austin readers - the Aubergine Panini at Portabla is five star. A must have.


  1. Love the cupcake tree....wish they came like that in real life, it would saving me heaps of time baking :)

  2. Your cupcake tree is so CUTE!! I thought EVERYONE peeked at Stampin Success online since we never receive it until the 20th or later anymore!!


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