Tuesday, September 2, 2008

I don't know, what do you think?

Well, let's see....

Only in Austin would you check the mold count before the weather. Hurricane Schmurricane - am I going to sneeze all day?

For those of you who do not live

a) In a river valley
b) At the edge of the escarpment between the beautiful middle of the Great Republic of Texas and the Hill Country
c) On the Balcones fault

you will probably not understand the whole allergy situation, but here in God's country, we fight a daily battle at the cellular level with our environment.

Yours truly has earned many a purple heart on this battlefield. Today, she is a POW of MOLD.

Should you see me on television confessing to the plot to overthrow, torture and humiliate mold, know that it is only so that I may win my freedom.

And know that I have been sneezing since 4:15 this morning, so please forgive any oddness in my art!

I love the Nature Silhouettes Stamp set SOOO much. I extended the grass by just inking that part of the image and stamping it out to the right. I punched a 1" hole out of a post it note and masked my moon. Then I sponged Bashful Blue over the whole image. I went back with Pacific Point Blue to dramatize the sky and add the mountains. Then I used a white gel pen to add some light to the dark images.

Then I tried about 46 bazillion layouts. I tried ribbon, punched greetings, ribbon AND punched greetings - nothing worked until I put it down out of frustration onto my messy desk. Upon which was some of my beloved Washington Apple DSP. For some reason - the bright colors really appealed to me against this dark image. I don't know - what do you think?

Next, inspired by my friend Jenn, who has done some AMAZING things with the Urban Garden DSP - see her blog in my side links on the right - I decided to do a more subdued card.

I cut the flowers from the DSP, put them together and added a rhinestone brad. This layered flower is popped up with dimensionals onto more DSP.

I am quickly running out of the luscious Kiwi Kiss Satin Ribbon - gee whiz it's pretty - but I added that and a Kiwi Kiss card base for contrast.

"For You" is from Fresh Cuts, and is stamped in black on Kiwi Kiss cardstock and then punched with the small oval punch.

I have some hilarious things for you - a tirade on bikers and sharing, a very odd product packaging decision and more. But all the Benadryl fun strips have made me sleepy and I gotta watch the convention.

L8R, Gators.

Oh - did you want some shamelessly adorable kitty pics? Here ya go. And to answer your questions - yes, they've been eating solid food since we got them. But I do have to give them some belly bacteria twice a day because they don't have any since they're not nursing. And I didn't know until you commented that their eyes change color when they're weaned, but sure enough - they are turning green now, so we might be almost to a normal cat age now! They turned 5 weeks old by the vet's guess last Friday. They've gained a ton of weight since we've had them. Maddie is still teeny. They both curl their tails up over their backs like tiny pedigreed dogs. It's hilarious. They look sort of Siamese-y to me - what do you think?

And thank you ALL for the Lynx spider info - especially the bug website - thank you!!!! Although I'm disturbed about a spider that jumps like a lynx! :)

Have a great night.


  1. Let me start off by saying your card with the moonlite is AWESOME! Love it! Next your babies are growing soooo fast and their gorgeous! And last, girl, you have guts! I would never get that close to a spider to take it's picture and then touch a snake all in the same day! eweghhhhh! I HOPE YOU FEEL BETTER!!!!

  2. i have no idea why you are even have an INKLING of doubt about that coyote card! it is AMAZING!! i think the layout is excellent, and serves to highlight the main image without detracting from it at all! monique's right--the moonscape is fabulously done--show it to Michelle when she comes--and the highlighting you did with the gel pen is perfectly placed.

    i love the popped up flower on the UG dp! i'm gonna steal that, since i had no idea until seeing your card what i would do with those pieces from the collection.

    don't OD on benedryl, and thank God for air filtration systems and air conditioning! pray we get some rain this weekend from Hannah.

  3. I think Maddie looks like a bat in this photo. I have a black cat that looks just like that when she's happy. When she's evil, she looks like she's part Siamese.


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