Wednesday, September 17, 2008



Okay - I've recovered. Sort of. It looks really cool. If anyone has tried it, please leave a comment with a review!!

Oh - and by the way - this is how they start taking over.

Notice the position with legs extended in the recliner. When she is about one pound bigger, no one else will be able to sit there. Look how innocent she looks. Don't be fooled. They have both already mastered that passive resistance thing where they weigh 100 times their normal weight and go all droopy when you try to pick them up from somewhere you don't want them to be.
Tonight's card is another Doodle Factory Halloween II project. I'm pretty sure the bat and the vampire are my favorites. At least until I move on to the witch!!

I'm going to do a tutorial on something you've probably all done long ago but forgotten - the pop up card.

This is one of the first "tricks" I remember learning that was a definite ooh and aah.

To prepare for the pop-up, cut yourself a standard card base. Then cut another card that is 1/4" smaller on each side.

So if your card base is 8.5" x 5.5", then your inside piece will be 8.25" x 5.25".

Fold them and crease them with your bone folder.

Next, with the inside, smaller piece folded, cut two slits in the creased side of the card - parallel
and about 1/2" apart. The size of these (meaning how deep they
to into the card) will depend on what you're doing with your popup. Mine is pretty small, so I just cut about an inch into the card. This is what it looks like.

Next, pop that little cut piece in the OPPOSITE direction from the crease of the card so it creates a little stand.

The next step is to carefully adere your inner card to your outer card. The ticket here is to
cover every square inch of ONE SIDE (I do the bottom first) with adhesive EXCEPT for the tab that forms the stand.

Make that snug in the crease of your main card, then do the same thing for the top. All you have to do at that point is close the card and press it to be sure it's adhered.

Then, just pop your little stand out, stick some adhesive on it, and it's READY FOR A VERY SCARY VAMPIRE!!!

You better give him the candy.
Note the booglie eyes on my bat. Extremely scary.
My photography was awful tonight but I was tired. I wish you could see the blue tint on his very scary face.
The colors are all much more vivid in real life.
I hope everyone had a great Wednesday!!


  1. Maybe it should say, "Just give me the COFFEE or someone will get hurt". Too cute! I always love the pop-up cards.

    You can tell from your picture of the kitties that they can instantly shift from 2-pounders to the density of a neutron star. Deceptive little things!

    Have a great one!

  2. OMG I just saw her circle cutter in ACMoore yesterday and thought it looked really cool. I just bought another one that I absolutely hate. And I put off getting it forever, why couldn't I have waited a little longer???? Hum, Circle cutter for sale....

  3. I have Martha's circle trimmer. It's been at Michael's for awhile but I just bought mine last week. I've only used it a couple times so far, but it was fairly easy to use when I did. Very handy....circles in LOTS of different sizes! Plus, you can use a coupon at M's if it's not on sale! :)

  4. I watch Martha too. I have one of the older circle cutters, but I like hers. Thank you for the tut. on pop up cards. Gonna have to try one.

  5. i bought the ms circle cutter a few months ago when michaels offered a 50% off coupon on one item(first time they had done that- now you can use the reg coupon in their circular on ms products...) i got to the store late in the week, so the pickin's were slim, but there was one circle cutter left. i bought it to fill in the "gaps" i had experienced with my cm circle cutter system. it makes circles starting at 1" increasing every 1/16" up to 5 1/2". now, that's a lot of circles! it took a little getting used to, but it's great for matting and layering sizes of circles. since walmart started selling ms products, i noticed they carry it as well - in a different color and somewhat cheaper. but i still got a better deal with my coupon! i would recommend it.

  6. Hi Lydia!
    I have Marthas circle cutter. Years ago I bought the original "Circle Scissor" as it was called. I loved it. Then SU! carried it for a year or 2 then they went to the Coluzzle...yuck!

    I LOVE Marthas cutter! Very easy, and comfortable to use!
    Get one!

  7. Lydia,

    That card is too cute. It has inspired me to make a pop-up card. Your instructions are easy to follow. Thanks for explaining.

    Lisa A.

  8. Love your anniversary card. Truly, it should win!

  9. that was me, Chriss ;-)))

  10. I am running a series of Pop Up Card Tutorials on my blog of anyone is interested in exploring further. There are about 20 lessons up right now! I love to see what other people have made.

    Extreme Cards and Papercrafting

  11. Loved your tutorial and pop up card! I have one of the MS circle cutters.......I thought it was easy to use, but for me it didn't leave the edges as smooth as the coluzzle.

  12. I bought my MS circle cutter @ Michael's a few months ago when I had a 50% off coupon. Good deal. I like the cutter, but I don't love it. The previous comments from joyk is sometimes doesn't leave a smooth edge. You have to use it on a big enough piece of cardstock so the edges of the cutter are holding on to the cardstock. If not, the spinning action moves your paper out of position. It's also hard to tell if you've cut through completely. I'll go around another time and then mess up my edge. Ugh!


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