Wednesday, September 3, 2008


I am cracking up that InkPattie left a comment about Maddie looking like a bat - that is what I call her - MADDIEBAT!!! She is SO a little bat. I even came home yesterday and told her she had rabies because I heard on the radio that Austin's multi-million member bat colony was infected. She just bit me and frothed a little. :)

I'm also laughing about the bathroom warning - will do!!!!

Tonight's card is homage to baristas everywhere. I am thinking of my favorite barista tonight - my beloved Jenn, who is nursing a sore wrist. If you haven't been Sbux obsessed for many years as I have, you might not know that being a barista is very physically demanding work. In the old days when I was first a customer, they had to bang the little espresso ground dealie boppers really hard on the counter to compress the grounds or some such magical thing, and nearly all the baristas wore wrist braces at some point. I always felt bad about that. That has changed, but the heavy lifting and repetitive motion goes on, as it does in many of our jobs. But there are not many things that I love as much as I love my quad short breve no foam latte every morning or as much as I love the people I see every day at Starbucks. Please note the heavenly glow around the coffee cup and be appropriately reverent.

So thanks Jenn!! Thanks Holly, Jason, Leo, Gwen, Hugo, Morgan and everyone else! :) Here's a card for you!

Oh - wait a minute - what is that on my card??? OMG IT'S THE NEW FUZZY RIBBON FROM MY MINI CATALOG PREORDER OMG!!! I have a WHOLE BOX of goodies to play with!!!

But anyhoo, not to be a tease about the new stuff or anything BUT YOU'RE TOTALLY GONNA HAVE TO WAIT - the little coffee cup is from Bitty Basics - I totally <3 that set - and it's stamped on Close to Cocoa. The scallops were made with my Sizzix, two out of close to cocoa and the card base from chocolate chip - folded first and placed just a tad below the die to create the card. The second scallop is stamped in chocolate chip with Sanded. The teeny cup is colored with my Koh-I-Noor pencils.

OMG that reminds me!! Yesterday I went to Randalls and in my search for tuna I caught out of the corner of my ojo - THIS!!!

What the heck? Do you really think that the same people who make beautiful pure color pencils should be making something you EAT?

Like dye-based macaroni and cheese, or embossing powder brisket rub, it just sounds wrong. Please recall this product, thanks a bunch.

All three layers were sponged at the edges with chocolate chip and a sponge dauber. And then I added some dots with my white gel pen.

Then I just reveled in some kitty cuteness. GOOD LORD BEING A KITTEN IS SO EXHAUSTING - YOU THINK WORK IS BAD? YOU HAVE NO IDEA. (insert purring sounds here). The kitties are growing really fast now. Here's what was going on while I was typing this.

This morning at about 4:45AM I applied liquid eyeliner while periodicallly sneezing and holding two purring wiggling kittens against my collarbone that think I'm their mom and wonder why my neck does not produce milk. So don't tell me I can't be vice president!! Show me a man that can do that !! :)

Have a great night!


  1. I'm just saying...don't be surprised when you come home one day and find me with tuna dabbed behind my ears trying to lure your kitties over to my house. I'll even turn on the seat warmers in the new Saab-rina to keep them comfy and cozy all the way to my house. BWAAAHAAAHAA

    I got a brand new box of stamping goodness today...time for me to play! See you the card, I have some of that ribbon on the way too!

  2. Wow, what a post! A coffe card, weird grocery products, the most delicious ribbon (totally jealous BTW) and kitty cuteness...just perfect!
    BTW - have been thinking about the Koh-l-Noor pencils...are they good? do you recommend them?

  3. Gorgeous card!! Loving the fuzzy ribbon!!! I am going to have to get some!! Love the kitties too! They are sooo cute!

  4. thanks for the words and the cool card. i hope you surprise one of or all of your baristas with it. those little things that our customers do make a big difference when doing our jobs.

    i like the ribbon too...does it stretch much?

  5. I am loving that card, too darn cute. Maddie-Bat and her pal are too darn cute as well. Seeing those kittens on your posts always brings a smile to my face.


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