Monday, September 29, 2008

Bird Watching

I love birds. I know some people are deathly afraid of them, and I don't really want one stuck in my hair or anything, but they are very cool to look at. Especially ones made out of designer paper.

I needed to do something quick tonight. So the DSP birds are always a good bet.

The first one I made is from the new Basic Grey Ambrosia - wow is this stuff pretty. Just sizzix your bird, add a little matching strip and a chocolate chip hole punch for the eye, and it's a very striking ensemble. The card base is chocolate chip, and the greeting is in craft white from Absolutely Fabulous. I punched the eye with my double circle punch. So I have an extra eye or two laying around if anyone needs one! :)

The bird is popped up with dimensionals - I absolutely love the shadow this makes.

I liked it so much I had to have another. This time on Very Vanilla, with a chocolate chip greeting and a Holiday Treasures Designer Paper bird.

Now I'd love to tell you on that Basic Grey bird that I lined him up painstakingly to get that cool pattern just so, but I would be lying.

Now - onto some fun this evening.

Sweet Joan Ervin - a Dirty Girl who I finally got to meet at the Zindorf affair (yes, she left without a shirt) tagged me last night!!

The rules are as follows:

I have to share 7 random facts about myself and tag 7 people. If you have been tagged, you just post a link to your tagger and pay it forward - enjoy all this strange things you are going to learn about me & my 7! Darn it I wish I hadn't confessed to liking birds!! :)

So here goes:

1) I have a Master's degree in Slavic Linguistics. Seriously. It helps me stamp. Plus I can curse in Russian in an elevator and people just move over.
2) I met Timothy Leary and G. Gordon Liddy in college.
3) I have had a recurring dream of a 20 story wave coming towards a building I'm in since I was about 10. I have it a few times a year.
4) My favorite dessert is pumpkin pie.
5) I'm allergic to white tailed deer. One licked me in Johnson City and I had a giant imprint of an itchy deer tongue on my arm for an alarmingly long time!
6) I sometimes walk in my sleep
7) I LOVE roller coasters, and my favorite is the Tower of Terror in Orlando. I could start my day that way every day.

So here are my tag-ees!

Kristie Morrison
Lisa A.
Jenn Nahrstadt
Kim Williams
Neelam Kulkarni
LIbby Hickson
Tisa Jackson

I can't wait to see what you gals reveal!



  1. Gorgeous birds Lydia! Love them.
    As for the tag...thanks for that...I'll have to think up 7 really strange things to share...I have done it before, but I think my facts may have been a little mundane, this time I'll think up some good ones :)

  2. You will have to teach me some of those Russian words!!! Heeheee...too funny!!! You have lead a very interesting life, for sure!!! My life is pretty boring....I just stamp without a shirt....oh, well!!

  3. I love what you did with the birds, very pretty. I'm glad someone owned up to the shirt! Hate to see a naked stamper! LOL!

  4. i like both bird cards, but the second is my favorite.

    i had a part-time job where i counted russian words on manuscripts the summer before i married bob. had NO idea what i was reading! you would've been helpful and fun to have by my side then.

    i've posted my 7 things. not very enlightening, i fear. i'm boring. btw, no mr. b today...

  5. Oh! Thanks for the tag!! Sorry I didn't reply before now, I am sooo behind on blogging it's shameful. Well - hope to get to it soon, but thanks so much!!!! Your deer allergy cracked me up - sorry if I'm laughing at your pain, but that tongue imprint is too funny.


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