Monday, September 15, 2008

GREAT Rewards!!!

I got my gift card from Stampin' Up! This is one of the 8 bazillion reasons to be a demonstrator!

I spent it on this.
No one has ever been able to convince me why I needed the Scor-Pal, but everyone says I do! So, a good compromise is to get it for free and convince myself, right?
I'll review it for you and you can see if I will be drinking the Scor-Pal Kool-Aid! :)
Happy Monday. I'm feeling much better. Thanks to all the well wishers, and hello Nina!!


  1. You will totally be drinking the Kool Aide! I love my ScorPal and just orderd the ScorMat so I can have it out on my stamping table at all times.
    P.S I got a hancy OTT light with my Great Rewards!

  2. Oh, you will love the score pal, wait and see. So glad you are feeling better. Hugs n' Stuff, Lynne

  3. You WILL love your Scor-Pal and as to why you need it, probably for the same reason I did, and why I also needed a mini Scor-It and the Crafter's Companion LOL!!!!

  4. Congratulations on winning the creative challenge! Yippee!!!

    Oh, and you will absolutely LOVE your Scor-Pal! I have had mine for a little over a year now; and I can't speak more highly about it!!



  5. Haha, well HELLOOO Lydia!! ;)

    OK, go ahead - convince me about the ScorPal! I'm ready!

  6. You will absolutely LOVE the Scor-pal!! It sits right next to my SU table top cutter.


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