Monday, April 28, 2008

From Stampin' Up!

Just thought I would share this note from the home office with you today.

The Power of a Card April 28, 2008
Last December, Shelli Gardner lost her mother. She shared the news in a personal message to demonstrators and employees alike. Almost immediately, Shelli began receiving messages of sympathy and support, compassion and concern. Many demonstrators shared their own memories of Shelli's mother, while others shared treasured memories of their own mothers. Some messages were simple; others were longer. Shelli read each message, and each one touched her heart and reminded her of what really matters in our lives--those we love and care about.
Chances are good that you have experienced the power of a hand-stamped card yourself. Maybe you've been struggling with sorrow and pain when a card has brightened your day. Perhaps you've sent a card that helped someone feel appreciated and worthwhile. Whether you're the giver or receiver of these heartfelt expressions, you've seen and felt the difference they can make.
Cards made by Stampin' Up! demonstrators and customers hang on bulletin boards and refrigerators and are tucked in scrapbooks all around the world. And just because a card isn't kept, doesn't mean it isn't treasured. Anytime we realize that someone is thinking about us, is aware of us, is reaching out to us, we are buoyed up, strengthened, and encouraged.
That's the power of a card--the ability to quietly change someone's day for the better. As Shelli read each of the cards expressing sympathy for her loss, she resolved to make sure she sent out a card every opportunity she got. We invite you to do the same. It's a little thing that can make a big difference!

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  1. i'm doing my dead-level best to do more sending and less keeping. how are you doin' on this front? thanks for sharing the word from HQ.


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