Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Cupcake Break!!

I don't know if you guys know this, but Martha Stewart is having a Cupcake contest!!! They want you to upload photos of unique and cute cupcakes and they will pick winners, give prizes and show the winners on her show.


Here are the ones I uploaded tonight. The first of course, is BLUE. I thought of this when I was falling asleep - the sugar cubes as little presents on top of the cupcake. Providence delivered a blue icing that was precisely the color of my french blue sprinkles I got for an occasion I no longer remember.
The second one, since they encouraged photographic elements that enhanced your cupcake presentation is called "If Monet Made Cupcakes..." tee hee. So I made "haystacks" by shaping a cone out of an extra cupcake, sticking it on the first cupcake with frosting and then piping a mixture of vanilla and chocolate ice cream with a touch of yellow foodcoloring. I stuck these cupcakes on an impressionist background and then added some lighting effects to make it look like the sun was setting on my cupcake haystacks.

I have to say - I really appreciate cake decorators. Even doing a completely amateur, sloppy job is very difficult. The real artists are really artists. Next time you eat a beautiful confection, give a little thanks to the patience and love it took!!!


  1. I LOVE the blue cupcakes! You should win something for that. The Haystacks are a cool idea, but I really love the blue ones :)

  2. the little presents with the precisely tied little bows are adorable!

    the haystacks look to me as though the sun is RISING on them, instead of setting, but the idea is very fun.

    btw, went and perused martha's cookie book (took forever to find in borders), and wow! lots in there to have fun with! chocolate malt cookies!!

  3. You really, REALLY are a real artist! These are just too cute for words. What a fabulous imagination. All the sugar on those blue cupcakes makes my teeth hurt!


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