Wednesday, April 23, 2008


One would expect that after an apocalypse, correct? Well, what "lies beneath" is fairly frightening. I fretted about my computer situation all day. I have a graphic design project due, as well as the credit slides for my TV show. And no way to do them. Grr. So I came home and ripped my computer open to see if I could find a tumbleweed, a porcupine or something obvious in there that was causing my issue. I hooked up a second monitor to see if that was the problem, but came to the sad conclusion that my video card is dead. I'm so mad. I believe my computer has an integrated video card rather than a modular one, which completely cheeses me off. However, my beloved sis found a place that might be able to replace it for me tomorrow. Hopefully all my files are safe. We will see. Either way, I got my wireless network working so I can at least read my email. EEK. Anyway, computers fascinate me. Once I opened it up, sprayed some dust out with one of those little magic cans, I just looked around with the flashlight. They are much more beautiful on the inside than they are on the outside - all brilliant green with those gorgeous intricate patterns and teeny writing. I could have stared for hours. But I tried to document a few things in case the tech needed them. (Serial numbers blurred here because for all I know there are some weird spammer freaks that steal that sort of info). And then, I thought I would just show you what a hideous mess of wires a computer leaves behind. As I disassembled it, I taped pieces of paper (you can see some bottom left) around the cords telling me where to plug things back in. My descriptions are these: "Jack on left above pink box" "USB two from right under green square". It would be so fabulous if we lived in a world where WORDS were okay. Like my mouse plug says "mouse" on it, and the little hole it goes in is labeled "mouse". Hard to imagine, I know!!!! Anyway, everything's a mess! So now I'm off to look for a card project for my class tomorrow. And read my Stampin' Success magazine (YAY) which came today!!!

Tracey with Starving Artistamps is headed off to Akron, Ohio for the rubber stamp convention - if any of my dear readers are from Ohio, go check it out - she has an incredible booth!!

See ya

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