Sunday, April 6, 2008

Sorry for the Silence!!

Sorry I've been so quiet. It's been a crazy busy week & weekend. But I have lots of pictures for you today! Get a bevvie!! But first, a few items for the blue list.

1. Google. This might seem obvious, but LISTEN UP!! The marriage of Google and my crackberry is finally complete!!! I love my crackberry with all my heart and soul, but they do not offer a wireless sync with my calendar. Seriously Blackberry - get rid of the retarded non-functional desktop blackberry synchronization - if I wanted that, I'd have a Palm Pilot! Anyway, thanks to GoogleSync, I NOW HAVE TWO WAY SYNC WITH MY CALENDAR!!! So if I'm at my desk and put something on my calendar, it shows up on my phone calendar, and vice versa, complete with reminders, recurrences, etc!! Does this degree of bliss over my phone make me a geek? Do I care? No. I'm ECSTATIC. Thank you Google - add this to your long list of life enhancing tools!!

2. LaCroix Grapefruit Flavored Fizzy Water. I love fizzy water. I know some people think it tastes like alkaseltzer, but I love it. I don't drink soda (aside from the rare irresistible Wild Cherry Pepsi) I do drink unsweetened tea, and I just really don't like sweet drinks. I know you would think all the talk about cupcakes would indicate otherwise, but it's true. I like plain drinks. And I am violently and morally opposed to artificial sweeteners, much as I am to artificial cheese and artificial butter and artificial body parts. All of it is gross. So put your hands together for a faintly pink grapefruit flavor fizzy water with no fake stuff and nothing sweet. I DIG IT!! I've actually loved this for a while but am just now sharing it.

3. Franco Sarto shoes. Again, I've been a devotee for years, but these shoes are amazing. I buy almost all my shoes on, which has free shipping both ways, so you can easily return things that don't fit. For Franco Sarto, that's not a problem for me, because their sizes are very true and also the world's most comfortable cute shoes, but it comes in handy! Anyway, check out THESE bad boys I'll be sporting this week. They're so cute I might have to sleep in them!! *sigh* I love shoes. If I were a dictator or otherwise flush with illicit cash, I would totally be an Imelda Marcos type with a shoe closet the size of Idaho.

Okay, back to stamping for now. First, this adorable bag that was demonstrated at Regionals. Very easy and they just use one sheet of 12X12 paper. This lovely lady posted such an easy to follow tutorial, no way could I improve on it. Her name is just beautiful too.

Then we did this hysterically cute Mother's Day card with yet another purse made out of punches on it. This is probably my favorite purse punch. The handle is made from the two oval punches. I am going to make some thank you cards with this same pattern today. I think they're cute as can be. This is called an easel card. Yvonne and I were talking about how we kind of always do the same layout and this was an attempt to get away from that.

Then, I will share with you some of my VSN creations for your entertainment. Visit the VSN forum on Splitcoast to see the details of the challenges, or look in my SCS gallery to see which challenges I entered.

I hope everyone is having a great weekend. Sadly, it's almost over!!
Hopefully I will get some more stampin' in!
Take care!


  1. you posted all this wonderful stuff yesterday and NO ONE has commented? that's weird. well, i'll say THANKS for all the tips on cool stuff (i'm so challenged, particularly when it comes to shoes!), and the way cute cards. my favorite was the cat thinking of the tiger...

  2. Haha, I just love the card with the cat dreaming of being a tiger! So cute! (the other cards are great too, LOL)


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