Saturday, April 12, 2008

Things that really should be blue

The list is so long!! I have to start with what's in my studio of course. And it will shock you, but in addition to the romantic relationship between sheep and goats on my shelves, there are also foxes and bunnies happily co-existing in here! It's like the garden of Eden!! I think the constant stream of Martha Stewart and FoodTV emanating from my Tivo has a soothing effect on the creatures who occupy my creative space. I may just have solved the whole world peace problem!! I can't wait to get a Nobel Prize!!
Now what was I talking about? OH - yes. Blue stuff. Wait - one more ADD moment. On my walk last weekend, I looked down into a little wooded area that I like to go stomping through sometimes (there are nice trails in and out of the woods) and I saw what looked like two giant timberwolves!! I froze, and they froze and we looked at each other for what seemed like an hour. Then they trotted off into the woods without eating me. However, they were the two HUGEST coyotes I have ever seen in my life!! They were super scary. Now, you know I love all creatures, but coyotes are bad here because they eat cats and dogs and bunnies. As you also know, I AM NOT A FAN OF THE CIRCLE OF LIFE, SO I DO NOT CARE FOR THIS A BIT.
I just pretended that they went into the woods and ate little bowls of coyote chow, so that's what we're gonna go with here on UnderstandBlue. Coyote Chow.

If you've never seen a coyote, they really are very beautiful creatures, with big fluffy foxy tails and lots of different colors in their fur. They are very skittish and it's rare to see them running around during the day..
Okay, so on to what I would have LIKED to have seen in addition to the wolf-otes. A brilliant blue fox. Wouldn't that be cool? Especially one that got along great with some little blue bunnies that like to come out after dark and nibble on little grasses.

All coloring on both of these was done with Copics. On the fox card, I stamped the teeny foxes with Opalite Golden Mist ink, and then colored in and around them with the fine point end of the VersaMarker. The moon on the bunny card is colored with the Sakura glitter pen.

The fox and the bunnies are from ArtNeko.
Whoa, I am sleepy all of the sudden. Might have to do a nap before the Master's starts.

But first - two GLORIOUS cards from friends. Dear sweet Judie from Hawaii sends me a card that made me laugh out loud when I opened it this morning!! This is hysterical! this chubby little cat not ONLY took bites out of the cupcake, but out of the PRESENT! Then on the inside it says "Seize the cupcake!" Thank you Judie!! (She used more of that pearly paper for the cuttlebugged panel, the cupcake and the presents.)Then, I get this gorgeous card (right) from Nancy, who is fortunate enough to work for the Twins baseball team!! A DREAM job! My photo doesn't do this card justice. The envelope and flowers are watercolored and perfectly cut out. Seriously - PERFECTLY. I'm dying to know how she made the scalloped oval frame too.. Nancy - if you're out there will you post the answer? The base of the card is a lightly textured gorgeous blue and she used glue dots to have the ribbon remain 3D, all the way from Minnesota! This is a beautiful, simple card and the note on the inside was incredibly sweet. I have the best stampers in the world in the audience!!

Thanks for writing!

Don't forget - I mail out all the cards I make. If you are not yet on my mailing list, sign up with a private email to me! :)

Happy Saturday. I'm going to watch my beloved Tiger Woods and then off to a baseball game with my dad tonight. The weather here is stunning right now. Hope you're having a good Saturday.


  1. Hi, Lydia. Glad you liked the card, but I'm disappointed that you didn't recognize YOUR cupcake with the gift-wrapped sugar lumps. My cat ate YOUR cupcake for Martha Stewart's contest!

    Warm aloha, Judie

  2. Hi,

    I shared your website with a friend, and he asked me about your coyote stamp. What company makes this stamp?

    I love reading your blog still. I am still in a extended stay hotel in Georgia, but will be putting an offer on a house soon. I miss stamping, so I check your website often! I am so envious that you were able to do the virtual stamp night this month!

    Take care!

    Melody (formerly of Texas)


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