Thursday, April 10, 2008

Race Relations!

Since it's the hot topic on TV, I thought I better address it on my blog. No one should judge my goat because he misses his sheep girlfriend, alright??? That kind of prejudice has no place on a stamping blog!!

I made the ground and sky with Copics, as well as did all the other coloring with them. I was scared to death after I colored the mailbox because my green was really dark. But when you lift color with the colorless blender pen, the Brilliance Graphite Black stays put, and the details reappear. That ink is really something. I got a little smudge on another card and just out of desperation I tried to erase it with my white Staedtler eraser and holy goat if it didn't come right off!!! What the heck? It's magic, I tell ya.

Hey - just one more day this week and then stamp-o-rama for me this weekend. Well, a little laundry-o-rama and maybe some stomp-o-rama too.

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