Sunday, April 13, 2008

The Blue List

Has a new member today, thanks to my warm & sweet cupcake of a sister in law - Jessica.
She introduced me to this, which is AMAZING!! As I told you I am not fond of sweet drinks, but I do like fizzy. This is the perfect fizzy barely sweet drink!!! It's Pellegrino, which I love, and orange juice. It's sooooo.... good! You have to try it. And how about that SASSY blue can???? God bless the Italians too, who have conquered marketing to the degree that they have discovered how to give us less product for the same money! :) - the cans are only 11.15 instead of 12. See - capitalism is still spreading its glorious light around the world!
Speaking of cupcakes, by the way - look closer at Judie's card to me - THAT CAT IS EATING MY MARTHA STEWART CUPCAKE!!! Complete with my silver bows!!! Ohhh - I love that!!!! haha!!
Have a great Sunday, and send happy thoughts to Tiger Tiger Woods!!!!!

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