Saturday, April 19, 2008


I believe I've found the perfect stamp!!!! I clicked on the link to Inque Boutique from SCS the other day, and then found a local store that carried them. I was hooked by the video on their homepage that explained why their product was different from other unmounted stamps. Holy cow - they weren't kidding. These stamps have no foam, need no cling mount and are high quality rubber. They have a cling backing and a foam sheet that you place under the cardstock to stamp on. They are pre-cut perfectly, and SHAZAM - they have the image printed on the CLING side so that when you have them on your acrylic block you can see the image!! the perfect features of rubber and polymer stamps in a high quality rubber stamp - I LOVE THEM!!! I am in no way associated with this company, or have any reason to tell you this other than THEY JUST MADE THE BLUE LIST!!

WOW. Did I mention they are crazy inexpensive? I got mine at Felicia's Scrapbooks - a scrapbook/stamping store I could WALK to from my house and just discovered. The owner is very sweet and it's a great store.

You're gonna freak when you try these, I promise.


  1. Lydia,

    Thank you so much for your kind words about our stamps. It's comments like yours that brighten my day!

    Big hugs!
    Stephanie Barnard

  2. Oooh You got me intrigued, I got to check them out now! ;-)

  3. i can't believe i've never been to that store! must rectify.


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