Thursday, May 1, 2008

STILL no computer

I'm not happy. The ding dongs "fixing" my computer did not replace my heat sink. That after installing a processor twice as fast which puts out twice as much heat. So my new board is probably ruined. I'm not happy. Did I say I wasn't happy??? I'm not. Not happy.

Thank God for my laptop. But it's definitely put a kink in my blogging and my graphic design work!!

Anyway, here is some GOOD news!!!

Two GIANT specials from Stampin' Up!!! The most exciting is the new demonstrator special - ready?? 20% off the Starter Kit PLUS free hodgepodge hardware for anyone who signs up in May!! Holy COW!!! If there was ever a time to get a discount on your stamps for the rest of your days, that time is NOW!!! There hasn't been one of these in a while, so this is great news.

THEN, they're running a great chipboard special! This rocks, and one of my club samples features chipboard - stay tuned, I can't show you until after club on Sunday... It's adorable, and I learned something very important.

Check these out here !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I'm headed out of town tomorrow so I will be quiet for a few days. Have a good one.


  1. OMG I thought that was a sculpture until I read further. Thank God for laptops. Good luck.

  2. OMG, what a vision!! Argh, hope you get a new computer soon!! :-S


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