Sunday, May 11, 2008

Zippety-Zindorf, Zippety-Yay

My oh my, what a wonderful day!! (now that song is stuck in YOUR head too!!)

It's a GORGEOUS day here in Central Texas. I walked 13 miles this morning in the cool sunny windy loveliness and then stuffed myself like a tamale at Red Robin with my bud Lulu. If I had time for a nap today don't even THINK I wouldn't be doing it right now.

Here are some cards for yesterday that I was too tired to post. I am experimenting with Michelle Zindorf's amazing tutorials, and if I could give you some advice - DON'T BE INTIMIDATED! Her instructions are so good, that once you do one and create a little beauty, you're going to feel sillly for not trying before now. At least that's how I feel. That woman is an incredible teacher.
The first one was probably the easiest. Very simple, three step card that really looks a lot more artistic than it is. There's no brayer, just sponging and masking the horizon with post its a single time and you get a gorgeous result. I didn't have the inks she used, so I used So Saffron, Bashful Blue, Really Rust, Always Artichoke and Chocolate Chip. I promise, this card is EASY!! I won't re-create her awesome tutorial - just visit her blog and type "lovely as a tree" in her search box.
The next card had more steps, but was just as simple. On this one, you start with Barely Banana cardstock instead of white. Then you layer Summer Sun, More Mustard, Really Rust and Bravo Burgundy until you get the shading just right. The images were stamped in Basic Black. Threepieces of advice here. One, invest in a box of latex gloves. At the end of the evening, my hands were totally covered with ink, even under my fingernails, which was pretty gross looking. It was still on there this morning. Second, use something other than Basic Black, which tends to smear during sponging. Third - since you're stamping on colored cardstock, it's not smooth, so the solid images won't always come out totally solid. Just fix it with a fine point marker of some sort. The inky fingers were totally worth it - I love this card and I'm going to try it in BLUE of course. I bought this stamp set for that teeny bird and this is the first time I've ever used it!!

Doesn't he look all peaceful and full of deep thoughts? He's such a deep little birdie...
PS - I'm giggling at your comments about my moth. I got the "flying hamster" comment when I was on my walk and just busted out laughing at my phone until people started staring at me.

For my last Zin card of yesterday, I chose one that my friend Yvonne had done. I'm sad because my blues are not anywhere close to as rich and deep as Yvonne's. Plus, at the last minute I forgot to put the tree off to one side or another. But overall once again I was surprised at the simplicity of the steps it took to produce something that looks like a little painting to me. I hope you like these. I love how the paper gets really saturated with ink after you layer the colors on there - it starts to get a very soft look on the surface, almost a fabric sort of look.
This one isn't even a card - I stopped with the piece after this because I liked it so much I didn't want to mess it up.
I hope your weather is as stunning as it is here in God's country and that you're all having a great Mother's Day!
CU soon.

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  1. these are too cool! care to post a link for a tutorial location?


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