Monday, March 3, 2008

Thank You

Doesn't even begin to express it.

Today really didn't start well. My house was awful without Spotty in it. So I left, and without even thinking about it, I ended up at Lowe's buying paint. I bought "Splash" - a Martha Stewart Blue. I decided since I didn't like it anymore, I would just change everything. So I headed home, and found...

Flowers from Shanna and Melody and my parents. Messages from Jenn, emails from Jayne, Carrie, Lynne, Carolyn, Rhonda, Yolanda, Yvonne, Kate, Pat - and that's just the beginning. Thank you so much. You guys have no idea how much all this means to me. Poor Spotty. I miss her so much. I feel like a ghost in here.

Let me tell you about the flowers. From Melody and Shanna, not only were they all blue, as you can see, but either by coincidence or design, they were from a florist called Ali Bleu. What are the odds? I am so completely touched. And look at them, they are stunning. My mom & Dad also sent blue, with some gorgeous coral roses mixed in.

So after I absorbed all this kindess I went completely nuts and ripped my whole stamp room apart. This was the room Spotty hung out with me in, had her scratching post and water in. Ugh. So I completely took it apart. I have some before photos to share with you after I began the destruction. Hopefully soon I will be able to post the after photos. One wall is the lovely splash color now and I need an advil. I decided I didn't need a door anymore, which I removed with the crafter's toolkit hammer and my knee... I have paint in my hair. I'm hoping to sleep soundly.

Thank you guys so much.

Big hugs



  1. such a lovely bouquet of flowers

  2. i know the emptiness you're feeling, as our first dog was a beagle wound up under a UPS truck's wheel in pursuit of a squirrel. it isn't just that the house feels empty; it IS empty! don't hide from the sadness; walk with it and embrace the wonderful memories it brings with it of all the things you and Spotty did together in your house. it will get better.


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