Thursday, March 6, 2008

Before & Aahfter

A couple notes here. Those leather crates were an accident - I didn't know they were the perfect depth for the bookcase, but man was that a good find. Look closely and you'll see the narrow ones hold the Hodgepodge Hardware & Accents & Elements tins perfectly. Two are for ribbon, one for Simply Sent kits, one for 6x6 pads of Basic Grey & colored pencils, one for sticky things - Modge Podge, glues, Stampin' Mist, Armour Etch etc., and two on the bottom for envelopes and precut cards. I've never closed the door in 5 years so it's not coming back. Still got some paper left over I gotta figure out. I'm switching out my computer monitor and installing a Wacom pen & tablet this weekend, so I may do a little more to the desk. I used 3M hooks on the inside and outside of my desk support panel to hang scissors, my Martha T-Square, a power strip for all my powered items and other hangy things. It's amazing how much this moves out of the way but within easy reach. Inside my closet under every shelf I have Sylvania LED "Dot It" push lights so I can read my stamp sets labeled. If it's in a container, there's a label on it. This is important. Especially if you're OCD. I'm sore, tired, and satisfied with the renovation. Time for a margarita. Enjoy.

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  1. somehow i'd missed these pics! the shelves look wonderful with the leather totes, and the blue is very soothing. girl, you got a lotta stamps!

    you asked about the paper and i like how it looks that way, but what will you do with scraps?


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