Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Creative Destruction

The progress in the room continues. As soon as my order comes in, I will share the "after" pics with you. Remember that "after" means a huge amount of stuff came out of my room. I will be putting a lot of retired sets on Ebay at some point. If there are any retired sets that any of you are pining for, let me know and I'll see if I have them. I literally have hundreds.

My only remaining problem is paper storage. I took a 24 slot paper organizer from Office Depot out of the room entirely, so I need to replace that storage with something - maybe a rolling Iris type filing cabinet under my desk. I started with two leather cubes from Target that match my other storage solution I'm waiting for, but they're very heavy filled with paper, so if I ever want to move them, it's gonna be a bummer. Not sure if I'll keep those.

Anyway, here are my camp projects. The world's cutest bunny basket, shown here in three colors. Well, only two colors - but I made them in three - the one we made at club was pink.
The rest of this post is for my friend Yvonne. Copy when you're feeling stumped. It's its own inspiration.
The black and olive rub on card with felt flowers, CASED from Splitcoast super talent - "ishlala". She really created a beauty with these. Makes me sad that these colored rub ons are only available until March 17th, because this color combination is stunning. A lot of my girls said that the felt flowers were something they wouldn't have purchased until they saw them in real life and they are darn irresistible. If you don't have any yet, let me know. For the lazy among us (me) the fact that they already have holes punched in them for the rhinestone brads is the icing on the cake. Wait till you see my Target organization system for the Accents & Elements that used to be shoved in nooks and crannies all over my stamp room.

Then another case from just one of my favorite stampers in the Universe, creator of the stamping academy videos (which are fabulous - check them out) and just sweet lady who heads up the Chic n' Scratch blog. I love the simplicity of this card. The background is from Boho Backgrounds and is a gorgeous little stamp.

The last project I can't find in my excavation pile that is currently in the hall, but trust me it's adorable. When I find it I'll let you know.

Now, on to a few more thank you's for things you've sent me.
This beautiful sympathy card from Vicki, with whom I share a love of not only birds, but all creatures great and small. Cuttlebugged, lovingly colored and beautifully layered, this card inspired me. I am going to put a little birdbath in the backyard with little Spot. I just have to find the perfect one.

Thank you ladies. You're all so sweet I just cry every time I think about it.
And to any Losties who read my blog - I can't wait until tomorrow's episode!


  1. wow, these are really amazing cards

  2. Lydia,
    I'm just kicking myself -- I split up the SAB rub-ons packet and gave the four sheets as door prizes at a workshop last Friday night. Guess I better get another order in so I can get some for myself.


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