Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Alien Invasion!!

This took shape slowly with lots of mistakes, for example, stamping the city first when I knew I wanted to mask the alien invaders. Dur. I'm sleepy. Since the city is stamped twice and lined up at sidewalk level, that was a bummer.

I think I recovered swimmingly though - with no gaps around my little creatures from my mask, and yes, a BLUE cityscape - aaaahhhh..

Colored with copics on Whisper White, my scene is... You can't really see the little touch of green in the alien creatures. Doesn't it look like that one on the right is saying "Come on, this doesn't seem right - they're all so nice and happy here..." and the other one is all - "YOU STUFF ONE OF THOSE LITTLE HUMANOIDS IN YOUR BELLY RIGHT NOW BEFORE I STUFF IT IN THERE FOR YOU, BURZTROID!!!"

That's what it looks like to me anyway! :)
I'm sooo.... sleepy. Thank goodness American Idol is ending. ZZZZZ


  1. Bwahahaha! Your alien invaders have me LOL, Lydia! They are just too cute!!!

  2. love it all! you did do an excellent job recovering from stamping the cityscape first! love how you colored it blue!

    i'd say you're an honorary alien if you can interpret those looks passing between them for what you shared with us...that's what it looks like to me too! ha!

  3. thank you so so much for leaving lovely feedback for me in the starvingartistamps gallery :). Made me sooo happy! :)

    This card is just gorgeous. I still don't dare to do masking. I truly suck at it *LOL*.


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