Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Heyyyyyy Cupcake, Fuzzy Chicks - It's Insane over here...

So.... Shanna & Jenn have been dying for the Cupcake updates, so here you go ladies. *sigh*
Today was stunning. Warm, sunny, sky without a cloud. I went for an afternoon stomp (teeny sunburn working) with no Ipod, just the glorious Texas spring. While I was out I got an email on my crackberry from Shanna asking about the cupcakes. Since I had not eaten all day, I thought to myself - "Self, you should have a cupcake." And so I did. At about 2:30 I headed to Hey Cupcake in the celebrated SoCo (South Congress) area. I needed to get there before rush hour and/or dangerously low blood sugar. I found it and there was a LINE!!! This place is insane! If insane means - plopped down on earth by angels, and hence, understandably busy!!
Luckily, while in line, I got to hear people in front of and behind me oohing and aahing about what cupcake they were gonna get. See the sandwich board there? It offers a mere 7 cupcake types along with - wait for it - something called a Whippersnapper. This involves taking the cupcake of your choice and injecting fresh whipped cream into it until it comes out the top of the cupcake! A little girl in front of me got one, and I'm not gonna lie, I had all sorts of unclean thoughts about grabbing that 7 year old by the ponytail and taking her cupcake! Don't judge me - you weren't there! But I waited. When I got up there, there was a step stool for vertically challenged folks like myself to stand on so that they can actually see you through the window. I popped up there and chatted with the sweetest lady who was making panicked calls to her cupcake mafia begging for more cupcakes. They're never in danger of running out of Red Velvet cupcakes by 2:30, she relays to me. Surely they can get a police escort to rectify THAT situation. The horror!! So I get a box of six. Two "Double Dose" - chocolate with chocolate icing, Two "Vanilla Dream" and two Red Velvet. They came in this beautiful box, that, I'm not gonna lie, looks like a Nichole Heady creation. Gorgeous! Open the box, and you get this loveliness, which I actually had to snap a pic of while still in the car.
Then I really needed a car wash in the worst way.. And let me tell you - there are few things I enjoy more. :)
So there was a delay in what we will forever now refer to as Cupcake Bliss Bomb 2008.

Oh freaking my. I chose as my victim the vanilla dream. I love love love a vanilla cupcake. This one threw me off because the frosting was pink, but oh freaking my. I could tell life was getting good when I took off the wrapper. The cupcake was so soft it almost couldnt' support the frosting. It spilled out over the top like a muffin. (If you are picturing Elaine screaming "Top of the Morning TO YA" right now, we were separated at birth.) I took a bite. The frosting was so light and fluffy that if I didn't taste its slightly coconutty, sweet but not too sweet goodness, I wouldn't have believed it was there at all. OMG. The cupcake was PURRRRRRfect. Whispery soft, perfectly cooked... Divine. I'm pretty sure these will be served in Heaven. For every meal. And quite possibly snacks & pick me ups. I'm really going to try not to eat another one today, so wish me luck. Did you know that really really good cupcakes make an enchanting little singing sound that makes u wanna open their box? I'm just sayin...

Okay, I should probably talk about just a little bit of stamping, eh? I do want to let you know that I am under the influence of both a car wash and some high blood glucose levels though, so forgive me for any stamping faux pas! First, have I told you people how much I love Martha Stewart? Did you know that she climbed Mount Kilamanjaro by herself? Her guide got altitude sickness and had to descend at 19,000 feet and she made the decision to go on alone, dizzy and eating snow to hydrate. An amazing woman she is. How in the world does someone that tough come up WITH THE WORLDS CUTEST POM POM ANIMALS? One of the seven wonders of the world, the pom pom, I believe. I made these little chicks ( I can't find good beads for their eyes yet so for now, they are sleeping) after seeing some adorable creatures on her site. I am going to work on the bunnies tonight during American Idol. (Ouch, my sunburn is starting to hurt.)

These adorable little fellas are made with the craziest soft fuzzy yarn I found at JoAnn's - my new favorite place. I also bought a pom pom maker there, but I found that the ones that you make just wrapping the yarn around your fingers are faster and much easier to deal with during an intense episode of Lost or AI. OMG I AM WATCHING HER SHOW AND HER NEW BOOK MARTHA STEWART COOKIES COOKBOOK GOES ON SALE TODAY!!

Oops, I'm supposed to talk about stamping now I think....

Thanks for hanging with me this long! Remember, if there are retired sets you're pining for, please email me - I might have it. I'm about to Ebay but want to give you a chance first. Also, if you're not on my mailing list, email me your address and I'll mail you a card.

Okay, so today I saw the Carol Duval show (applause is completely appropriate) and there was a lady from Magenta Stamps (which I love) on there who was cutting up paper and making these wonderful mosaic frames. However, when she started, she made these little feathery shapes first before she filled in the rest of the frame and I thought they were beautiful. They made me think of my Red Castle Canaries, so I grabbed one and got to work. The patterned paper is Basic Grey. I colored the canary with Copics, and freehand drew two lines as a frame for the bird. One with a Stampin' Up! Bashful Blue marker and one with a Sakura Gelly Roll Glitter Pen. Thanks for reading all this, or for napping 20 minutes ago - either way! :) I'm happy you were here no matter how long!! :) Happy Stamping!



  1. ooooooohhhh mmmmmmyyyyyyy!!!!! now you're gonna have to bring some of those to convention...double dose of chocolate for me...and i can't believe you didn't make it a whippersnapper, you dairy girl you!

    i really like the birdie card and the mosaic feathers...i'm off to bed now to dream about cupcakes! thanks for the calorie-free vicarious living blog post!

  2. forget about mailing me a card...I'd like a cupcake please! :-) Jane

  3. OMG - I am totally going to get one of those today!

    They just look TOO good! ~Nicole

  4. Oh my gosh!!! My mouth was watering reading your story and viewing those cupcakes! Wish we had a place like that! Maybe I should go into business, huh? :) Love the card too! I'm a "bird person."


  5. Oh I love the canary and the mosaic technique! I have a chunky page I need to do for a swap and I think I will try something mosaic. So thanks for the inspiration! You are awesome :-D
    I'm a cupcake freak, so I'm jealous.


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