Saturday, March 15, 2008

Jane Schenck- don't peek!!

Okay Jane - you've been warned. Later in this post there's going to be a card that you will be getting, so close this browser window & come back later!!

First of all, check out these tulip images from - there's a negative and a positive image - very photographic and cool. I accented these with a Krylon Gold Leaf pen and some images from Stampin Up!'s Travel Post set. After I stamped the travel images in Ballet Blue, I colored around them with an SU! pure color pencil (black) to make them look a little dimensional. I use my Ballet Blue pad a lot so it's a little pale..

Now the downside of a gold leafing pen is that it rubs off very easily. I'm sure there's some sealer or something you can use, but I'm not thrilled. It's a bummer because it's such a beautiful bright gold. Most gold paint pens are much duller than this.

Then, I'm still being prevented from posting my fuzzy chicks on Martha and I'm extremely snarky.

Speaking of Martha, two things. One, I have found proof that we were separated at birth. She admitted on her show that she too eats sweetened condensed milk out of the can with a spoon!!! mmmmm!!!!!!!!!!!!

Two, she had this egg dying technique on that I HAD to try. I went to TJ Maxx and bought some cheap 100% silk ties and scarves. Ties were what she used on the show. I cut the fabric into squares and wrapped it around eggs. Then I wrapped a square of cotton white thin dishtowel around that, tightly, and tied the whole thing tightly with a twisty.

Then, I put them in a pot with water and 1/4 cup white vinegar, brought it to a boil and then simmered it for 20 minutes. I pulled them out, let them cool, unwrapped them, and behold!!

Now the two paler ones were made with ties. Apparently that silk was either fake or had some other material in it because the transfer was not very good. The one on the right with the little diamonds was a Geoffrey Beene tie. The pink one and the one in front were beautiful scarves, and the transfer is so detailed that on the pink one you can very clearly see a word that was printed on the scarf!! It's really amazing and fun! The lady on the show said you can use the silk several times. I have no idea if these would be edible, so you probably shouldn't eat them. I'm sure that's not food grade dye and all of it came from China, so just enjoy the way they look, and as your mom would say - DON'T PUT THAT IN YOUR MOUTH!! To make them shiny, you just rub a little vegetable oil on them!

So I recommend scarves - works great! Very fun.
I would post them on Martha's site if they would lift the ban!!!

Until then, lets talk about Jane's card! My friend Jane has been a tad under the weather, so I made her this card. I really thought about making it with the Dilly Dally set that she hates so much (tee hee) but I love her too much, and I just love this crazy little Doodle Factory sheep!!
I wish Kristina Werner would let us send her our cards to put her perfect handwriting on, but I don't think that's in the works, so I had to use my own handwriting here. Blah.
Anyway, he's cute as bug in a rug, isn't he?? I colored him with Copics, used the SU! punch, ribbon, felt flowers, rhinestone brad and textured cardstock. My sis found these teeny shape punches somewhere and I used those for the little starbursts. They show the inside of the card, which is also orange textured cardstock.
I hope you guys are having a good weekend. I just realized I've done NOTHING for St. Patty's day - what the heck???


  1. What a clever way to dye eggs! Thanks for sharing this!

  2. My daughter and I were just talking about eating sweetened condensed milk out of the can last night. Yum! Love your Martha Stewart eggs!! :)


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