Friday, March 7, 2008

The Exciting News & 2 Challenges

Well besides being the featured crafter, I will post my other exciting news. I have sort of a joint venture working with Marmalade Skies in Austin - an extremely cool arts & crafts studio, run by some of the nicest people I've ever met. I met the husband of the owner at a superbowl party and was dying to meet the woman who really has my dream job, and I finally did! This fun studio offers classes, birthday parties, boys and girls clubs and ladies' nights for crafters of all ages. We are going to sell my bunny baskets for starters this month, and here's the email we sent out. Then in April, which is their anniversary month, I believe I will be able to teach a class or two there. This is such a great business, and I'm really looking forward to working with these crazy talented and sweet women.

Next, a combo challenge. This is for the Gina K. release party challenge, and also for Beate's weekend sketch challenge. Using my fave sweet little elephant and that fabulous new colored twill tape - the texture of this ribbon is fantastic - you'll love it. I used my purple glitter pen that my friend Lu got me to bling up her ear, but you can't really see it in this pic.

Then, the Limited Supply Challenge - which I really had fun making. I adore this little bunny, and have to confess, I bought the whole Holiday Blitz set just because of him. I know, I'm crazy. But look how cute he is. The challenge was a small, limited supply card. I was very frugal with the scrap of designer paper (Rebecca, from Stampin' Up!) and I cut it into quarters and used it on the inside, which I think is super cute. I made a matching swirly line around my bunny with a glitter pen and the dots on the front with my white gel pen. I colored him with Positively Pink and Rose Romance markers. Please tell me you love him.

Now, speaking of bunnies, last night I had the craziest dream that I had to hold this huge, angry bunny that was biting me while I waited for this incompetent magician to cue me to do something with the rabbit. But he wandered around and delayed starting the show and this bunny is getting hotter and madder and heavier. I kept telling the magician that it wasn't very nice to hold the bunny for an hour and I thought we should put him down but he wouldn't let me. I was literally exhausted when I woke up from hauling around my hot dream bunny! So today I found the bunny on the internet that was in my dream. There are these huge rabbits called Flemish Giant Rabbits and they can be 22 pounds!! THAT IS MY DREAM BUNNY! Check out the furry feet on this bad boy. I kind of want one. See ya.

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  1. your post is running amok in cute animals! have you tried making smaller cards with that tiny elephant? i think that would make cute 3x3 or 4x4 cards...the bunny too!

    like the use of the dp.

    be careful what you wish for in bunnies. they live a long time and can be quite destructive! had friends whose bunnies chewed on electrical wires!


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