Thursday, March 6, 2008

Somebody Told me

That you had a boyfriend, that looked like a girlfriend, that I had last February... (WAIT - that's a Killers song - sorry)

Somebody told me, after I forwarded a particularly sweet comment from one of you, that my Understand Blue readers are possibly the sweetest people on the internet.

You know this already. But sometimes, it's nice to just state the obvious. You are sweet people.

None sweeter than a woman who has truly enriched my life like nothing I can even describe. My upline - Pam Downs. From the moment I met this beautiful, bubbly woman, nothing has ever been the same. I became a demonstrator because of her, which means I met all my stamping friends through her, which means I met all of you through her, I met my new boss through her... She's incredible. So please look to the right and visit her SCS gallery so you can see her talent and not just her heart. But here's a little piece of her heart. This plus an email from her about Spotty just melted me.. I will miss her at Tulsa Regionals this weekend. I don't have the spunk to go this weekend. If anyone wants to go in my place, I've paid - let me know.

Now, to Jenn. My sweet Starbucks goddess from Georgia who always keeps me in her prayers, I'm certain. this woman is amazing. So is her dad. Check out what he made for her this week. And then look at what she made for me. Brilliant. The flap of the envelope she sent me the card in is QUILTED paper!!!! amazing. Then inside - oh my COW (as Jenn says) look at this. I need to ponder and recreate this. It's gorgeous.

thanks sweet ladies.

And after compressing all the disks in my back and finishing my room, I only had the energy for this one thing, which made me smile. Not easy to do this week. The image is one of my faves from the Doodle Factory, and the greeting is an Inkadinkado image. (funny story - I made my sister in law laugh until she about peed pronouncing this ink-a-dink-AAAAH-dough (like the Mikado or something) instead of Ink-a-dink-a-DOO the first time I said it!!)

Happy almost Friday. & Thanks. Dropped all Spottie's food & stuff off at a no-kill shelter today and they were very sweet.

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  1. Wow! Love your watercoloring Lydia and that Doodle Factory card is too, too funny!!!


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