Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Seeing Spots!

Here are the office treats I made.. I've had these little carrot boxes for years and unearthed them during my scorched earth stamp room remodel. I love them. You can't really see the top of the boxes but the top has like a little carrot top on it. Cute.

Then the bunny is the Ellen Hutson Dotty Bunny - awww - I LOVE this - colored with copics and cut out. I stamped "Happy Easter" from A Good Egg on the back.

The Jelly Bellies are Tangerine!


  1. ack! these are gonna give me a nightmare! they remind me of the heavy duty pastry bags i filled with multicolored jelly beans, then stuffed with paper "grass" to make a topper, and tied with curling ribbon when i worked in chocolateland!

    seriously, yours are cute...sorry for the momentary lapse in propriety.

  2. These are seriously just too cute, Lydia! BTW- you've been tagged! Details on my blog . . .


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