Sunday, March 30, 2008

It's Christmas!!

Well, in my stamp room, anyway. I'm still having fun with the DoodleFactory images, and I love this little winter set. I especially adore the little fella with the Menorah! Since I am nearly CERTAIN that Hannukah colors are blue & silver, you KNOW I love it. So I colored him blue.

The photo here doesn't show you a few details.. There's lots of glitter on their eyeballs, the little wind-up handle and the menorah. Also, the "ornaments" have acetate behind the windows.

I also shaded around the greeting in Cool Grey #1 to give them a little dimension but it gets a little washed out in the photo.
I made the ornament hangers out of SU! wire works and just drew the little toppers.

Happy Holidays!! :)


  1. are you having cold weather there like we're having here that's putting you in the mood for the holiday past? i like all the elementos, esp. the little reindeer...

  2. seriously, that's the best christmas card ever! i'm kinda partial to the reindeer too...


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