Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter Everybody!!!

Boy, I love Easter. When I was little it always meant a new, super fluffy adorable dress. For me, always purple, usually checked, always with a hat, gloves and white patent leather shoes - Mary Janes. *sigh*... I moved to Texas from Buffalo, NY at age 3 and for the first few years the heat would just make me pass right out when it got hot. So my parents put a hat and gloves on me all the time. Hilarious pictures from that era I must say.

But aside from the obvious, wonderful reason we celebrate Easter, I'm going to list a few more things I love.

1) The world's cutest fuzzy animals everywhere - bunnies and chicks. OMG. I wish this lasted all year.

2) The candy - I love a robin's egg or any M&M type thing with a pastel shell and some freshly made milk chocolate in it. And who doesn't love those little sugary eyeballs off the chocolate bunnies??

3) The weather - wow is it beautiful. Sunny, I've walked every day, gotten some sun, seen bumblebees, Monarch butterflies, redbuds blooming, mountain laurels, bradford pears - it's all stunning.

4) Open windows. This speaks for itself.

5) Longer days. I'm one of those people that really needs a lot of sunshine. Thank God for the longer days.

6) The end of close toed shoes!! Chriss is laughing right now because she knows that even in the dead of winter I am wearing open toed shoes, but I am opposed to close toed shoes in general even if I'm not wearing them!!

7) Summer's comin, bay-beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!


Here's my entry for Beate's Sketch challenge. Her layout is really cool, because it allows you to feature something small, which is all the "inchie" rage right now. And personally, I love tiny creatures, and this is a fabby way to show them off. So I made a round inchie bunny with my 1" round punch and two clear stamps I got in the $1 bin at Michaels. I'm kind of surprised at what good quality they are. The "Happy Easter" is from SU! A Good Egg set. I mounted all this on a chocolate chip pocket note. I love those darn things. Then I made my dots, a la Markie's Mom around the whole thing with my white gel pen. I colored my itty bitty bunny with copics - B01 & Y11.

Happy Easter. Thanks for stopping by.


  1. Adorable Easter card! Your bunny is too cute!
    Hugs and smiles

  2. sweet card...but why didn't you surround the bunny with flowers?

    never once wore gloves or a hat for Easter Sunday, nor did my dresses have extra fluffiness. perhaps that's why i really don't like dresses today.

    and open toed shoes? my feet are always cold, so i'm not a big fan. guess we weren't separated at birth!

    i AM with you on the chocolate, although i am a dark fan, and i overdid it yesterday on the sugar front! whew!

  3. Cute card Lydia and YES you are so right about me laughing at your open toe year long policy. What is even funnier was the day we met at SBX a couple of months ago and you had on cute short little booties. I think it funny because I think you wore them just to keep ME warm!


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