Friday, April 8, 2011

Quilt Me!

Yesterday I did make & takes at Scrapology for quilters on the Bluebbonet Quilt Shop Hop in Lakeway.

I don't know if it's just that I think of quilts as a more historical craft with longer roots or what, but as I was sitting there with the quilters yesterday I realized something shocking.

I didn't have a cellphone in college.

It's true. I'm that old.

I really can't imagine not having one, or even describing this to a college student now and being believed, but not only did I not have one then, I didn't have one for much longer than that. I thought back to my first ginormous cell phone and I thought it would be fun to share with you my personal cellular evolution. This is a picture of every cell phone I've ever owned, at pretty much their relative sizes. I think someone could make a quilt out of this!

Whoa. That first one gives me a brain tumor just looking at it.

Well at least you could make a call on the old ones. The new ones - not so much! :)

I decided to do a quilty make & take for my quilters, so I took a fabulous design from Scrappykat on Splitcoast and came up with this clean & simple number using Clearly for You. It was really fun & quick!
Are you Ting G I F? :)

I hope you have a fun & crafty weekend! I might live craft some Easter fun on my Ustream channel - watch the Understand Blue Facebook or blue tweets for times!

PS - don't forget to click my "Crazy Bargains" tab to help me de-stash my stamp room at amazing prices!


  1. That's it! I am totally stealing this idea for my May workshops! I LOVE this card!

    Oh, and my first cell phone weighed a squillion pounds and did not fit in my purse. We didn't even have computers when I was in college. Okay, a mainframe with punched cards and a teletype. Fer serious.

    WV: dinkybo
    My hair is so short now it wouldn't even hold a dinkybo.

  2. Eeee hee hee, I love your blog. When I'm ignoring the posts on my google reader, I always still read yours. :)

    The other day the youth girls at my church were looking at a list for girls camp of approved/non-approved items. They are asked not to bring cell phones, etc. I felt so old when 2 of them turned to me and said, "but WHAT is a 'walk-man??'" Haha ... nevermind, just don't bring one ... or your ipod.

    p.s. I love the card, too. :)

  3. Cute Quilt card.. Love the birds.. I have a cell phone list like that too but I can say my first was older then yours before they had the flip phones..Ha Ha I must be old as dirt! It's always amazing me the kids in grad school with cell phones today.

    Thanks for following The Friday Mashup!

  4. I laughed at the pictures of your progressive cell phones. I have one in my glove compartment that is the size of an old rotary phone hand held receiver piece. When I have time I will photo it and post the picture. Then you can really laugh. I never used the cell phone and cancelled it. I still don't have one. I kept the phone.

  5. A CELLphone in college? Let me put it this way...I use to walk to the computer center with my box of cards and the one wish that I wouldn't trip and spill them all out of order! And just for fun, I checked out one of the two CRTs in the library to see the new technology.... We did have a phone in our dorm room but it was reserved for the weekly phone call home to mom & dad. I know people whose kids call them several times a day! Simpler days, huh?

    Love the quilted card...may just have to try it!


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