Monday, April 25, 2011

Queen For Way More Than A Day

The days are just packed, as Calvin & Hobbes says.

For one thing, we've got a royal wedding this week. I find this amusing for a few reasons. First, the horror of people who have to get up at 4 AM to watch it tickles me. I'm awake at 4 most days, and so it does not provoke screaming or fainting.

Back in the days before Tivo, there was another royal wedding.

I went over to my BFF Mary's house to spend the night, so that we could get up and watch it. Mary was obsessed with the royals, which I didn't understand, but it was going to be a fun night of brownies and TV watching, and we didn't have a TV. So off I went.

When the alarm went off, we bounded out of our racks to begin the ooh-ing and aahing over what I remember as a completely out of control poofy dress. It was poofy even for the 80's, people - trust me. I heard on the news this week that the wedding was delayed because they hadn't considered the logistics of getting that poor woman and the 87 squillion yards of fabric into her Cinderella carriage. It was about the point at which we got our first poofy glimpse that Mary started barfing.

Yep. Barfing. She was one of six, so there were a lot of germs to be had. And trooper that she was, she was content to watch the wedding while barfing into a trashcan.

I, on the other hand, have no such devotion, and went promptly home. I hope this one goes better. :)

I made this little royal bird for the Teapot Tuesday challenge this week - how in the world could I resist a blue bird?

Paper: First Edition, Retired DSP, Whisper White, Ballet Blue 
Accessories: Pearls, Doily Triple Layer Punch (upcoming mini), 2.5" Circle Punch, Curly Label Punch

Now that, my friends, is some Royal Blue!!

Clear your calendars and fluff your PJs for Friday night - we'll be having a Virtual Stamp Night Mini with 5 challenges! The theme is a Pirate Party, and it's going to be a blast! I hope to see you there!

I will also have a MAJOR prize post later in the week, so stay tuned :).


  1. A royal wedding on one end and a mini VSN on the other?! Whoa, what a day that will be.

    I did get up at 5 am to watch that other royal wedding. And yeah, that DRESS! I may or may not wake up early this time. Now we have the Interwebz, and I can probably watch it later.

    Oh, nice card. :)

    WV: mistbref

    He had the tendency to spit while speaking. He had mistbref.

    WAIT, let me try again:

    I was hungry at 10 am and realized I'd mistbref.

  2. I am one of those who will probably get up (or stay up) to watch the royal wedding. It isn't just everyday that a girl gets to become a real life princess, after all! I am thinking that dear Kate's dress won't be nearly as poofy as Diana's was.

    So, if I have extra bags under my eyes Friday morning at coffee stampy time, you will know it is because I was watching the wedding!

    WV: undesse

    It took Princess Diana's friends 3 hours to undesse her from all that tulle!

  3. Love the blue theme....I'm a sucked for bluebirds. Funny bluebird story: Awhile back, I had a fit of nostalgia for the music of my youth so I bought Monkees and Beatles CDs and subjected my children to them in the car. One day, my little one asked,"why are there so many songs about bluebirds?"

  4. I'm not one of those people who gives a @#$% about royal weddings. Actually, I'm so sick of everyone on TV talking about it. I just can't wait for them to get married so all the news coverage is over. Think they'll cover the honeymoon?

  5. Royal wedding? what royal wedding? just kidding. Although if DH hadn't mentioned it, I might not know about it since I don't watch TV. They're just peeps like us, each with our own unique qualities, eh?

    BTW, I really love the blue crown!

  6. Oh, royalty here alright - and even a red carpet. Well, kind of - that coloured strip is a perfect foil.
    I remember going for an interview in Kent on the day of Andrew and Fergie's wedding - it was SO quiet out of London. Evidently my employer-to-be wasn't planning to spend the day watching television, she cooked a fabulous dinner instead.

  7. Lovely card in Honour of Kate and Will! I too was one of those who watched Diana and Charles wedding -with my sisters, and with good friend on the phone. My year of birth is the same as that of Diana, and my sons are very close to the ages of those of Henry and William. My eldest is the age of Henry, the younger prince.

    I plan to watch it live here in Vancouver -but on PDT - the coverage starts at 1AM - and I think the Wedding starts at? 2or 2:30 am. Pity us on the West Coast. ;)

  8. Lydia, your bluebird card is lovely, and I know that first hand, because I am looking at it sitting on my desk as I type this comment. I like the blue crown with the pearls on appropriate to honor Will and Kate, but your card also arrived in my mailbox on the day of my birthday, a day that I had a very good birthday (some years not so much.. LOL) But on this year's birthday, I did feel like Queen for a day! Thanks so much

  9. My DH and I joke that I would make an excellent British citizen. I'm shamelessly smitten of British Royality...CORRECTION: I was of Princess Diana and am of her children and I'm particularly excited about William and Kate and their marriage. :D

    I didn't watch it LIVE because of other stuff planned *ahem* like AMAZING RACE AUDITIONS...haha but Maddie and I watched it later and SQUEEEE'd when they kissed. Yep, we've watched too many Disney Movies in my house.

    I love what you did to that DSP...? and the colors! FABBY!!!

  10. It’s outstanding! I am also a fine art student and I love drawing and making such cute cards and invites. I have already been ordered more than 30 invites for my sister’s wedding. She wants the special ones to be made by me. She will be tying the knot this year in one of the San Francisco wedding venues and I am very excited for that.


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