Monday, April 18, 2011

Old Fashioned Shaving Bunnies!

I thought it was time to bring you some Easter fun, since we are getting close. In addition to all the regular fun of Easter, like pastel Easter dresses for church, Peeps, Cadbury Eggs and pink jellybeans, Dairy Queen was nice enough to bring back Old Fashioned Shaving Bunnies for Easter 2011.

If you, like me, are suffering through income tax prep at the last minute, you definitely need to take a look at these Dairy Queen bunnies.

It sort of has the feel of those Old Spice Commercials. I love and appreciate that companies as big as Dairy Queen still have a sense of humor.

Now I sort of want a mini-blizzard and an old fashioned shaving bunneh.

Anyway - remember my Smooch Spritz Resist tutorial? Well I used that for a WAY non-traditional Easter card for the last Virtual Stamp Night. And by non-traditional, of course I mean BLUE :).

The challenge was a mashup challenge - to use multiple techniques. So in addition to my smooch technique, I added dry embossing and Scherenschnitte - say THAT three times fast!!

The little girl is from Easter Blossoms, and she is stamped in Pacific Point Blue. The embossing folder is Perfect Polka Dots, the background stamp is French Filigree and I used Gold Glow Smooch Spritz and Pacific Point for the background.

I hope you get some old fashioned shaving bunnies in your Easter basket!!


  1. Love this commercial and I love this card! Both make me VERY happy! What a way to start a week! :)

  2. Love that commercial and the magic turn around pants too.

  3. Magic turnaround pants? Must. watch. again.

    WV: saled
    I had a saled for lunch.

  4. Okay, no magic turnaround pants. Hmph.

    ANYway, as cute as the shaving bunnehs are, I liked the rainbows ON FIRE! HAHAHA! Reminded me of Allie Brosh's "Are you better than FIRE?!" line. OMG, so funny.

    So I've been meaning to try the Scherenschnitte technique ever since the first time I saw it and forgot about it. Thanks for the reminder! :)

    WV: knomict
    I sucked at my third-year eco-knomict classes.

  5. I'd LOVE some shaving bunnehs! Great card (and colors)

  6. Cute commercial. Wish we still had DQ's on Long Island (in NY) but sadly, we don't.

  7. I was gonna comment on how cute she is and how much I'm loving my smooch (just got some last week!)

    in my excitement I spill coffee on my keyboard.

  8. So cute! And I totally do NOT get that commercial..who comes up with that stuff? LOL!


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