Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Not Just Friends, Friends with KITTENS!!

Stampy people amaze me. I got two cards in the mail this week that reminded me of just how nice crafty people are. Both of these are cards I fell in love with when I saw them online, and then POOF - they arrived at my door, like some glitter covered stamping fairy is in charge of the universe.

Perhaps that is the case.

First I received this card from the completely amazing Crafty Frugalista - she is the one who created the sketchbook I told you about here. She was kind enough to send me this hilarious card I loved so much! I laugh every time I walk past it on the Shelf of Fame in my room. Thank you Cindy!

Then today I opened the mail and I see THIS beautiful, yummy and perfect card and bookmark from my pretty, pretty princess, Jimmi Mayo!! Can you believe it??? It's making me happy next to my monitor right now.

I'm feeling like a very lucky girl. I feel like my friends are actually from Dairy Queen, where everything is just better, as you can see from this new hilarious commercial. (Thanks Kim!)

(If you don't see a video player, click here for the amazing kitteny goodness.)

When you stop wishing you really DID have a bottle of bubbles like that, it'll be time for me to say see ya later... :)
This was a card I made for a Free For All Friday On Edge challenge to give a card a fun edge. I decided to give mine GATOR TEEF to match my gator from Long Fellows. The little sunburst behind him is from A Little Somethin', and the edge is a strip of Cherry Cobbler I cut with my Tasteful Trim die.

Hope you're having a fabby, Dairy Queen style week!



  1. Gator teef! HAHAHAHAHA!

    WV: halagies

    My halagies are really kicking in with all the tree pollen!

  2. So glad you're enjoying flat Maddie! I have so many ideas for her...maybe she'll be the subject of her very own sketchbook one

  3. Kittens in bubbles!!!! So cute ha ha!!! Jo x

  4. LOL! I so just saw this commercial today and wondered if Lydia had seen it yet? I was going to ask you, hahahaha:-)


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