Thursday, April 14, 2011

Shift Happens....

It's true. The whole earth shifted with the earthquake in Japan.

And smaller shifts happen too. I'm listening to a fascinating book right now on my walks. In this book, there are all sorts of interesting behavioral studies.

For example, there was a study done with rats about empathy. Rats could press a lever and get food, and they were trained to do that. Then, the experiment was changed, so that sometimes, when they pressed the lever, a rat in an adjacent cage got a jolt of electricity. So the rats ate much less, to avoid causing their little furry friends pain. Don't underestimate the feelings of our furry friends.

The one I heard this morning on my walk really surprised me. They studied people typing, by monitoring the brain activity associated with each letter strike on a keyboard. They found that when people misspell a word, the pressure they apply to the WRONG key in the word is significantly less than the pressure applied to the correct letters. And their brain activity level is completely different at that moment. So your brain is trying to stop you from typing "teh" instead of "the", but it can't always get to your fingers in time...

It happens. :)

But I did get a chance to play with some new toys this week, and do some organizing with the card catalog. To those of you who commented that you want to see the finished product, I promise I will post pics. In the mean time - check out the fun new Flower Garden embossing folder and the three step punches from the soon to be revealed Summer Mini Catalog! I inked the Embossing Folder in Crumb Cake before embossing. Did I use some hoarded Soft Sky? PERHAPS. :)

You know what IS absolutely perfect in every way?

Nature. Behold some 100% unretouched photos from my flowerbeds. Amaryllis, American Beauty and Clytemenestra.

Have a happy Friday, peeps!!!



  1. Fascinating! I love the photos of the flowers. Ours are still to fearful of the weather to stick their heads up. Love that card! Wow - I need to CASE this. Is it telling that the first word my eye went to was Obituaries?

  2. probably my favorite understandblue card ev-ah.... {love}

  3. Your card is wonderful. I love the pictures of your flowers. I bet your garden is beautiful.

  4. Love your card & your pictures. Wow! If the rabbits or deer don't get them, tulips are coming up here...can't wait to get that new flower stamp and embossing folder!

  5. Found your blogspot via my facebook/splitcoast and clicked on cause your card was very striking! May I ask what make the embossing folder is.....really like!!! Going to add you to my favs.

  6. Wait. You mean it ISN'T spelled "teh"?

    WV: maraws

    To maraws, to maraws, I'll love you to maraws, it's only a day a-waaaaayyyyyyyy.


  7. Lovely new embossing folder contributed to your lovely card! And all that cow poop and banana peels are paying off! Wow, gorgeous flowers!!

  8. Wow, awesome card. Totally talented photographs. But, dude, the GARDEN...breathless. Thanks for sharing all!

  9. Lydia! You always make me smile so much just the title of the blog post is way too funny.
    The book that you are "reading" sounds very interesting and furry friends do know so much more than people think.

    Love the card and your beautiful flowers!

    And most of all YOU!!!


  10. Wow, I love the thoughts you posted as much as the card...all over a delightful few moments. :)

  11. I must have one of those levers!

    wv triesso - I triesso, but i can never catch up

  12. I just found your blog and am nuts about it. Wish i lived where you lived so I could come to your classes! I am curious about the book you were listening to. Can you please share the title? I know you are at convention right now -- so no hurry! : ) Thank you for keeping us so informed!


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